First s** experience.

My first time of discovering that my c*** was also for pleasure took place in a neighbours house across the road from my house. My friend Gordon invited me up as he normally would when his mother went out to work to his house.
Gordon and I would talk just about anything and everything and he took me into his bedroom again as he normally would have done. One thing and another as we chatted like two women when Gordon asked me if I ever had a hardon. I said yes and he said that he had also. He then said have you ever been naked totally outside like in a wood I said no and he said that I should try it with him some time.

Gordon said why don't we strip of here in my bedroom to start things off if you wish. I was 11 yrs of age and said won't your mother or father come in and he said no.
His mother and father would no be be home for hours from their work and we are free to be naked. We both stripped off and I was just a bit embarrassed at first, but Gordon reassured me that being naked was lovely and I should enjoy it.
We chatted away when Gordon started to play with his c*** and I noticed it was getting hard. He said to me you do the same Tommy get your c***hard like mine. I started to play with myself and got a good hardon. Gordon said, have you ever given yourself a good w*** I said no. So he reached over and took my c*** in his hand and started to w*** me slowly.
This went on for a while and Gordon started to breath heavily as he pumped his c*** up and down this I had never experienced or seen it happening before. In the meantime I was slowly playing with my c*** when Gordon let out a small cry as he shot white stuff out of his c*** onto his bed. I said to him what was that stuff and he said this is what babies are made off when you c** inside a girls v*****. But he said that he preferred other boys than girls.
Once he had started to get soft, he wiped his c*** and the white stuff from the bed. Now let us see how you perform and he started to w*** me and as he said earlier that he preferred boys he bent down and put my c*** in his mouth and using his tongue he licked it and bit it tenderly. At the same time he pumped my c*** until I said to him its very tickly and he said that I was about to c** so he just kept my c***in his mouth when I let out a cry and I shot my first ever s**** into his mouth. I was panting and letting out some moans as this was happening to me. Gordon stopped licking my c*** and raised his head up and opened his mouth to show me my c** in his mouth. He then swallowed the lot and said welcome to s** Tommy.

Feb 14, 2021

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  • When I was nine, older twin boys, who were supposed to be looking after me, forced me to suck their c****. They threatened to kill me if I told. I hated it at the time, but when I was nineteen, an older man exposed his c*** to me, I fell to my knees and began sucking him. When he came, I swallowed every drop. I have been sucking guys off for five decades. πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ‘…

  • I wish i did more when i was young. I had a friend and play with our d**** but never touched each other. My d*** was smaller than his. Mine was 4ins. and his was 6ins. Then anther friend came to my house and i wanted to play strip poker with him but i backed out, i am glad because his d*** was 9ins. and he was a year younger than me. He would have told all his friends how small my d*** was.

  • Same thing happened with me except i was a teen

  • P oofters !

  • Homosexuals. Not nice

  • Shh. You'll become apart of the homosexual soon. We're infecting the world with gayness. Planting it in childrens minds that they should be allowed to love whoever they want. Oh how evil to not repress kids sexuality.

  • And that’s why you all get shot

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