I sniff my aunts panties

I'm 15 and shes 38 and I used to live with my aunt aunt for 2 months and every time she went out I would go in her room, open the cupboard and sniff her clean panties, one time she left her pyjamas and panties on the bed and holy s*** the smell was incredible, she could have entered the room while I was enjoying myself and I wouldn't have noticed her the smell was that damn great.

One time I entered her room I noticed there were bags and checked what was inside and that's where her dirty clothes were! She would sometimes leave the dirty washing upstairs outside the bathroom too but after she left that reward on her bed I always went through her bags cause the smell of her p**** was more addictive than sugar.

I started to clean my d*** with her electric toothbrush so that we've had a taste of eachother.

Feb 14, 2021

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  • No, you're fifty something, and she doesn't exist.

  • I did the same when i got h****

  • Ever since my sister's all hit puberty I have been stealing and sniffing all their panties and I also sniff my mom's. I really love the difference in smells and tastes especially a fresh pair right after they shower

  • Hot I use to do the same thing with my sisters I started do that when I was 12. I never did that with mom's panties because she didn't wear satin. I only did it with my sisters satin panties. My favorite one's wear one's that wear just freshly worn ones.

  • Don't feel bad. I've smelled my ex's mother panties.

  • I began sniffing my mum's dirty knickers when I was about 12 and collecting her pubes that I found in them.
    She knew as she caught me once spying as she undressed with her knickers round face.
    I've also "borrowed" on a permanent basis knickers belonging to various friends.
    One friend Melissa was blonde with black eyebrows so I thought her bush was brown, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole load of long uncut ginger pubes in her knickers.
    Melissa 's f**** smell in the crutch smelled amazing. God I could have f***** her !

  • Wtf

  • Seek help

  • What's your problem ?

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