Eee someone f*** me pleasee

I’m 13 and im h****. I really wish someone can take my virginity and f*** me till I’m shaking.. Thinking about this makes my p**** so wet~



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  • Settle down child.

  • For real. You have plenty of time to get yours. The only thing you should be focusing on is getting good grades in school so you can graduate, go to college, and make something of yourself.

    Then, when you have time, go find yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend to get your rocks off💦!

  • You ate way too young. Mastubate

  • First of all, before you go giving advice of any kind, here's some advice for you: learn to spell and punctuate your sentences properly.

  • Fr how we supposed to contact u

  • How can we contact u?!

  • You realize you're talkin' to a minor, right?!

  • Been there

  • Haven't we all?! LoL🤣!

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