Car s**

Often while driving on her trip my wife would fall asleep next to me and more than once I would slip under her skirt and play with her p****. On this trip I started doing that and she started rubbing my crotch. I urged her to unzip me and take it out. She glanced around and freed my erection and began to slowly stroke me, half excited and half scared that we would be caught. She was half way over the center console and I pulled her skirt up told her to open her legs as I rubbed and fingered her. She placed her right foot on the seat so I had full access to her amazing body and she was fully exposed to any passer by. She was soaking wet as we pulled up to a signal. A truck pulled up in the next lane and I knew he could see right in the window. I began thrusting two fingers into her and said, " that trucker is watching me f***ing your p**** baby, I bet he wants you. " she moaned loudly and clamped her legs over my hand as she reached a shattering o*****. Then without a word she leaned over the console and started sucking me, I shot my load as the light changed. My wife has blown me lots of times and always let the c** slide down my crotch, this was the first time she sucked me dry and swallowed it all! It was an amazing experience and we have done it several times since, she loves to flash truckers, she gets really excited and it always ends with me unloading in her mouth!!

Feb 16, 2021


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  • Love showing off my naked wife to truckers

  • My Dutch wife often gave me a BJ when I was driving. We also frequently stopped in a country lane and either had s e x in the car, or went into a field for a quickie.

  • I’ll never forget the time my husband got pulled over while I was giving him a BJ.

    He unloaded just as the trooper arrived at the window. I lifted up and said hello officer with his juice dripping from my mouth.

    The officer looked and me and smiled. Then she looked down and said, “wow, that is quite a weapon you have there. I see this lady was kind enough to help you unload it. Now step out of the car and put it away before I have to do something about it”. Then she smiled walked over to him and said, “ sir, that is some nice equipment and your little lady sure knows how to handle it, but next time keep it in your pants till you get off the road.”

  • It seems MOST couples have done this a time or two. I've done this with nearly all of my relationships. My current marriage is no exception.

  • Nice story and great ending. Have you done it again? My first wife liked me playing with her in the car when our friends were in the back seat. She sat next to me and spread her legs. I would work my finger up her panties into her clitty. she would push forward and get so wet I'd have to lick my finger off. They knew something was going on untill finally the wife leaned over the seat and watched.

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