I was a h**** teenager on a hot summer day

So as my title tell you, it's from back when I was 14 and it was summer vacations, we'd just moved to a new house and every day there would be a bunch of men working, fixing, painting etc. I just felt really provoked, first I thought letting them see me would help so I stopped wearing a bra, made sure to wear the lightest thinnest clothes, with deep necks but it didn't work and I was just getting impatient so one day I locked my room, pulled the curtains open then went to take a shower. The window was big and glass, it opened to the lawn and it was midday alot of the workers were outside so I got out after the shower and obviously they saw me, in my little towel & I pretended to not notice people were seeing me, acting like that I slowly unwrapped my towel and turned my back towards the window then I let it drop and wiggled my buttocks a little dancing. Then I turned around so they could see my p**** & b******, I started fondling them looking at them, they weren't big back then I tried to put one in my mouth but failed, I still pretended I didn't see the 4 men staring at me from the window and I sat down on my chair then started rubbing my c*** and squeezing my nub I finger Ed myself until came, did weird things like rubbing my breast up against the wall again & again. I would squat down to spread my p**** apart for a view. They had no choice but to watch in silence since my parents were home inside. When I was finally done I got dressed and closed the curtains but the next day when I wore my light yellow shirt without a bra, everyone noticed one of those men were painting the kitchen door that day so I went into get water as I was turned opening the fridge I felt a finger poke in my between my a***, I squealed & he probably got scared backed away but stood in the doorway so to get out I had to go past him and he made sure my young raw nipples dragged against him. That guy only got to feel my nipples but soon after the driver had his chance in the near future and took it. Comment if you want to know about that story.

Feb 17, 2021


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  • More please

  • How old are you now?

  • Very sexy...more, please!

  • Ahhhhh... I would LOVE to do that too.. (Im H**** too hehe)

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