S** with Aunt-in-law

My Uncle and his Wife have not been getting along for a while and he’s mentioned not having s** with her in 2 years. I’ve always secretly fancied her and i always thought she felt the same. Im 25 and shes 38, their marriage is at rock bottom right now as my uncle was caught cheating and she is trying to file for divorce. Since this has happened I felt sympathy towards her as she has no family close by and was really upset. About 3 months ago I told her my uncle was an idiot for messing around behind her back and anyone would be lucky to have her. Since then we were getting closer but I always checked her out and she knew it aswell. After 2 weeks of flirting on text and in person i hugged her for the first time I had a huge b**** she felt as it pressed onto her belly button. I felt really embarrassed and went on my way. However, I went back to her place a few days later to check up and she said i know you had a b**** the other day and giggled, but she said found me attractive too. After a little back and forth we kissed for around 5 minutes on the couch before she started undressing me by this point my c*** was throbbing i could feel her c*** was really wet so i went down and licked it, i took her to the bedroom we made out for around 2 hours and i came inside her everytime i could. This has now become a regular thing we have s** 3 times a week and I absolutely love it. No strings attached just really good s**. Years of sexual tension finally blown out im kind of relieved tbh.

Feb 18, 2021

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  • I have regular sexual intercourse with both my mother and her sister. It started when I was 14. Sometimes my mother licks my aunt out after I've spunked up her.

  • Wow

    She is lucky to have you.

  • Werd but you are boy and a c*** is a c***.lol

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