I won't miss that sick b**** at all!

I read in the news today that Rose McGowan has moved to Mexico and. says she won't ever move back to the U.S. i say "Good Riddance!". She ruined a lot of good men's careers and destroyed a lot of families with all her selfish insane bullshit. She can't get work in films anymore because of what all she did and the only guys who will f*** her now are the greasy local spics who live where she lives. She's a garbage fire and a P.O.S. she deserves the h*** she will have to pay.

Feb 20

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  • You sound like a jealous little girl that she wouldn't date cause you complain about everything I don't even like her that much damn dude would you enjoy some cheese and crackers with that WINE!!!

  • Wow, aren't you the clever little girl, lifting a 40yo comeback that loss its zing 38 years ago. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and then misapplying it . . . . . .r***** . . . . .

  • When I was young I had a severe crush on Rose. In fact when I came home from school in the afternoon I watched Charmed every day. Now I wouldn't watch that s*** heap if I was getting paid for it. She is totally for s***.

  • Hey don't put your name out there she might see it and come beat the s*** out of you. You sound like you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag. And if you don't like what I have to say. I don't go anonymous.

  • The fact that she issued a press release about having NOT made plans to move tells us everything we need to know about the size of her ego, and how big she THINKS her fan base is. In fact, nobody gives half a s*** about her or her career or her life or what she does or where she lives. Nobody.

  • Angry and spoke person for a lot of people. you are in the wrong mind set. go on with your life without her.

  • This country will better without her. She's trash!!

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