I f***** my brother's girlfriend in the ass.

My brother's girlfriend had been eyeing my up lately. I had an amorous affair with her visiting girlfriend. The friend and I had loud and dare I say it "fragrant" s** in my brothers apartment's spare bedroom for hours at a time. The brother's girlfriend was very aware of it and made jokes about the volume and frequency of our s** antics. She even came in the bedroom once pretending to get something and watched us do doggystyle for bit.
Anyway a few weeks after the affair I went out for drinks with said "sister-in-law". The other people with us faded away. She bought us shots and we got drunk. On the way home she asked to use the bathroom at my apartment. She used it first then I did. When I opened the bathroom door she was totally nude sprawled across the bed. My clothes were off and I was f****** her in 30 seconds. She was dripping like a faucet. I came pretty quickly and she went to wash up. She called me into the bathroom and began sucking my c*** while nude sitting on the toilet. she lapped up my sperm and her pussyjuice from c***. We went to the bed f***** for a bit and she turned onto her stomach. I realized that she had mistaken the doggystyle she had watched for a*** and now wanted to try it too. I went to the kitchen counter stuck my fingers in the Crisco can and returned to the bed. I spread her cheeks. Her asscrack was surprisingly hairy. I had to fish around to find her a******. I pushed some Crisco up her a****** left a big blob on her b*******. She was about 5'4 thin with adolescent b**** and and with a small teenage girl's butt. She had long wavy brown hair parted in the middle and huge brown eyes. She was 22 and I was 21 with 6.5" c*** .She was face down with her head sideways. Her sphincter was like a tight rubber ring and two lines of pain appeared between her brows as I entered her tight a******. Her bowels were tight and I could distinctly feel the ridges of her bowels as I slid in and out. She was petite and thank God she was too drunk to feel much pain. In fat she passed out for a while. Funny thing . She was sooo tight and oddly warm it didn't matter she was passed out. A woman's bowels actually fell "hot" compared to p****. It was one of the most satisfying f**** of my life. A*** s** is a rare treat so I took my time before eventually coming buckets up her rear. She went back to my brother's apartment and made up some bullshit about car trouble. I don't know if she told him ever but about it but five years later after they broke up my brother visited her and after the visit he always seemed mad at me and our friendship deteriorated to nothing and worse. He never said anything though. It was a terrible betrayal but a great lusty f*** for a young man. I still feel both good and bad about it. Only one other person knows. This is absolutely a true story, please comment.

Feb 22, 2021

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  • Dude you kinda raped her you should have stopped when she passed out. And you're a piece of sh^t for doing that to someone your brother was with

  • I agree with the other two comments, I'll even go further in saying "you can choose your friends, but can't choose your family".

    And looks like you've burnt that bridge at all levels. Now your biggest obstical in getting back on good terms with your brother is "trust".

    Good luck but!

  • You crossed the line on behavior.
    You shouldn't have done that and then she passed out that is another problem..

  • You should not have kept going when she passed out. No one can consent when they're passed out so it's automatically rape. Please be more considerate and kind to your s** partners

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