i'm a d***

i'm in love with a girl, but i still want to go out and f*** every hot girl that i come by. Just to please myself. and the sad thing is, is that i wish i could and get away with it with out feeling guilty or making her made. i'm a s** addict and i've only have slept with 3 girls. I have many of opportunities but bc its always when i'm with someone. And bc i love and respect the other girl i have chosen not to. why can't this happen when i'm single. seriously.

H*** i find myself staring at a girls ass and undressing them with my eyes and i don't even realize i'm doing it. it p***** me off bc i just want to love the girl i'm in love with and that is my girlfriend. but no god had to make me a man and give me lustful emotions.

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  • Testosterone is a crazy hormone. It is so hard to control your thoughts, it will take years of practice and self disipline, and still, you are a man and these thoughts are going to happen at least sometime, even if you were some supposedly perfect Christian or something. BUT, you can control your actions. I commend you for not acting on them and staying faithful for your girlfriend. With age the testosterone will die down, maybe that will be some consolation to you. I recommend the book "Every Man's Battle." It's a Christian book about l*** but it is very frank and not prude and recognizes how men think and doesn't bash them for it, just tries to help men who want to have a sexually pure relationship with the woman they love. It's a struggle but it can get better and at least your guilt would be relieved and you'd know you aren't alone.

  • so don't be in a relationship. or find a chick that's polyamorous and doesn't mind.

  • get on your knees and ask God to help you.

  • ^ Oh I see this is supposed to make to make you hot. You f****** idiot.

  • I'm a woman and I could've written this.

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