Storage Room S**

I work at a fairly close Dollar Store. Been their for over a year now. I work mainly the night shift at the register or if no one is around I do stock. It's me and the assistant manager mostly during these night shifts. She is a older woman, divorced, maybe late 50s or early 60s. She is a nice enough lady and her and I got pretty friendly over the time.

About a month ago, just before New Years, I mentioned to her I was going to a small party and I was hoping I was gonna hook up with a girl I've been talking to. She says, "Sounds like a lucky girl." I ask why and she continues "Well it's been such a long time since I've been with anyone. I would be nice if I could get with someone." I reply "You just got to put yourself out there. It's hard for everyone" She later walks away and a few minutes later I get a radio call to go into the stock room. No one was in the store at the time so I felt comfortable leaving the register. I walk into the stock room and I hear her voice asking me to come over on the far end of the room. When I turned the corner there she was with her work top unbuttoned and her bra on the boxes. I asked what this was all about and she goes, "You said I should put myself out there. So I did" I was already getting hard so now I'm just thinking with my d***. She gets on her knees and undoes my pants taking out my d*** and blowing me. I soon bend her over some boxes and started f****** her. It was pretty damn good.

We've only done it 1 other time since but if our boss ever found out he'd have our heads for sure!

Feb 24, 2021

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