Hotel S**

I love to bend my wife over in hotels. I love to leave the blinds open and press her t*** against the glass. Mainly do it at night. Makes me c** so fast.

Feb 24, 2021

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  • My wife had affair few years ago and how i found out i followed her . i waited a while then back back of the house . to my horror at 1st i looked in window and there she was all bent over doggie style . never heard her moan like she was . her been f***** so hard it turned me on i watched and found myself wanking watching them . everytime we f*** i think of him and id say so does she

  • Wife and I have done this; exciting. Once, on a warm day, we left the door open a bit. She was dressed in a short skirt; no panties. We played cards near the door; she'd spread when a guy walked by. One brave soul stopped in and joined us. After he left, I opened the curtains a bit. He was standing outside. I did her from behind knowing he could see....very hot.

  • Sounds hot!

  • I love doing this with my husband. Doggy style. BJs. My ass against window fully naked. Lights on at night. Middle of the city & must have city views

    I can't wait for more adventures....

  • I’m going to try to have her do it with the lights on. To add to the spice! Sounds amazing!

  • I like people seeing my wife i even send pics of her to people text me text back pls

  • My wife and I have done this, I have her face to the window and as she is f..... from behind she can look out the window to see who might get a look. she is naked and not worried about being seen. and it makes her c**, more and more often.

  • I am female from above comment & I can relate & understand your wife. I love this with my husband. Although I am always too caught up in him to care who see's or hears.

  • That’s really hot. My wife doesn’t want to be seen but every-time we do it, I hope somebody passes by.

  • Keep on; someone will notice and enjoy the view.

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