I love wearing women s** lingerie

How can i tell mom that i wear it?

Feb 25, 2021

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  • The same u be fine

  • Tell her..
    I told my girlfriend and she got up and got me the best red panties she had and had me wear them all weekend.
    Some like it and so ever don't, but you would be surprised at how many women a proven of it.
    They like them fair the same reasons you do so they get it.
    I bet if ever guy tried panties on 24/7 for a week or a month, that they would secretly l like them. But say that they didn't like it at all, the reason is because guys don't ever wear anything nice and soft.
    If your going to wear the panties try the granny pamties and I bet you you will get hard just having them on and you even might have an accident in them in about 5 min or less. The reason is because the feel so silky on your skin, so try it and wear them and tell me that they are better than boxers.
    Good luck with your experiment!!!!!

  • This is Nigel I wear ladies tights under my jeans every day

  • I always get so very turned on when I am wearing sexy lace panties, especially if I am being watched stroking myself in panties

  • I too have found that wearing sexy lace panties is such a turn on and my lady friend loves seeing me wearing sexy lace panties and stroking myself for her enjoyment. We both love watching solo males stroking themselves in panties, wearing panties is not a gay thing, just something normal for all males to explore!

  • Theres guy who wears that its 2021 i like wearing mini skirt, i cant c nothing worng with that!

  • I am not looking for se x what i c on herel

  • So think she knows i cant c nothing worng beside male wearing its 2020 so people should get use to it

  • Not sure that will work out straight environment

  • I did a typo how to describe again of me of getting noticed help please

  • I deleted notice by mistake

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