My wife has rape fantasy obsession

I don't enjoy her fantasy but have gone along with her fantasy a couple of times but it just doesn't turn me on at all. She's starting to say she wants to be raped for real. Im actually really upset that she wants this to happen for real. Its just sickening and I don't know what to do. Surley this is a mental health problem she is suffering from? Should I suggest we seek help?

Feb 26, 2021

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  • My first wife had a rape fantasy, saying that she wondered what it would be like trying to stop a man from taking what he wanted. Without her knowledge, I set it up then watched from outside. He was waiting for her in the basement knowing it was laundry night and when he pounced on her you'd have thought she was expecting it, wearing a long t-shirt with nothing under it. She put up a good struggle but after a few minutes he was between her legs and forcing his c*** into her. After enjoying her struggle for a while he pulled out of her and forced her to suck his c*** until he came in her mouth. She hated c** in her mouth and as she gagged on it he ran up the stairs and out the door, and moments later I went to her, still in the basement. She ran to me, threw her arms around me and started crying. After she told me what had happened, I had watched it so I knew, I asked her if it was what she wanted. She was shocked that I had set it up, but after realizing the truth that she liked it enough that she had an o***** while he was pounding her. Then it was my turn to f*** her, and it was her best f*** ever, I didn't think she was ever going to stop. I arranged what she craved, she truly enjoyed it, and thanked me many times over by letting me c** in her mouth. But she said once was enough, she liked it, but it scared her. And she never knew it who it was, but he would smile at me every time we went for groceries.

  • My wife had this fantasy and occasionally I pretended to knowing her old man was gone and had my way with her. Telling her the next time I was bringing a friend.
    We had done several MFM with one of my friends. I told him what I had planned. Told him to show up exactly a 7pm I’d be sure the wife was in the shower. She came out of the shower wearing a robe and I waved a butter knife at her backing her into our spare bedroom.
    Our friend reached around and grabbed both t*** and squeezed. Scared the crap out of her. I then said remember I told you I was bringing someone with me.
    Great night as we had her several times each.

  • Maybe find a friend to help with that; let him know what she wants. If she's agreeable, give it a try at home.

  • I don't believe that she ACTUALLY wants to be raped, just raped as a fantasy. Not in any danger or fear, just living the fantasy. This is something you CAN help her with. Just arrange it so that she doesn't know it's you (mask or blindfold her) and do her however you want. Just make it hard and hot. That she is willing to share her fantasies with you says a lot. Who knows, maybe making one of your fantasies come true will be next...

  • Just hide ur face and kidnap her and f*** her hard while using powerful toys like bdsm kit and spiked condom bt make sure u blindfold her and hide ur identity

  • So... If she actually really for serious doesn't know it's you, it is actually RAPE. Lol. If it's you or someone else and she doesn't know who it is, or if she is simply walking the dog and a man drags her into the bushes and f**** her, BUT she likes that and wants it to happen and doesn't care who does it, well then it NOT RAPE. That's consensual. Lol. You cannot rape someone who wants to have s** with you. Probably you just have a sub-wife.
    Good luck.

  • This is a great idea!!!!!! Have you done this before? email me

  • Play along...she'll grow out of it...but it you don't play along, she will move along.

  • Man up and let her have her fantasy in real life.. It's your job to protect her from things getting out of hand. Keep your wife happy..

  • I concur!!!

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