I tried to f*** my elder sister..

Hello guys most of us saw the p*** videos abt hving s** in family reletions. i also saw so many videos and read stories. that things changed my way to see my sister. am 19yrs old and my sister is 21. We both sleep in same room with different beds. once in a midnight i was feeling so h**** so i decided to f*** my sister and i woke up and moved to my sister's bed, she was sleeping i touched her private parts bt felt so scared so i stopped and returned to my bed and masturbated and slept nex i regretted alot that i did wrong bt in the night i did it again i just touched her. i did that for almost a week i just touched her b*obs and masturbated. bt one day i decided to f*** her and it was midnight i moved to her bed and touched her b*obs then i statred touching her pu$$y i never did that before bt when i touched her her pu$$y over her pant i felt scared and h**** at same time then i was trying to putt my midfinger inside her bt then i just rubbed her gently and she got awake she said what r u doing !!!?? (i almost had a heart attack i didnt know what to say and what to reply i thought now i will die coz she will call mom dad and they will kill me) i didnt know what to do then i started crying and i said am so sorry plz don't tell mom dad i will tell u everything she d
found me so helpless coz i was begging her to plz don't tell mom dad so she said stop crying and go to ur bed and sleep then i said i did that coz i love you she was shocked i repeated yes i love you alot she said am your sister it's wrong then i said i don't know anything i just know that i love you alot and i moved again to her bed and i was trying to hug her and she said stay away from me otherwise i will call mom i started begging her plz i love you alot plz and i hugged her stared kissing her on lips first she tried to push bt i holded her and kissed deeply then she stopped stopping me and i was kissing her it was like am playing deathgame then she pushed and said it's wrong and i again kissed her and this time i started pressing her bo*obs she was not stopping me and i made lay on bed and i was kissing her while pressing her right bo*b then i started removing her clothes she was obeying me and believe me guys i fcuked her. and after doing she i said she knew that i used to touch her bo*bs everyday and she hve crush on me bt this is last time after this she will never let me do it again bt after that we are doing it everyday and we both are so happy and BELIEVE ME GUYS AM WRITING THIS STORY WHILE MY SISTER IS IN MY ARMS ❤


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  • By the time of the New Testament, however, incest was strictly forbidden. John the Baptist condemned the marriage of Herod Antipas to his brother Philip's wife (Mark 6:17), an act that was clearly a sin (Leviticus 18:16, 20:21). The apostle Paul had to grudgingly deal with a case of incest occurring in the church at Corinth. The church had a member who was having s** with his stepmother while his father was still alive (1Corinthians 5)!

God's law enumerated differing penalties for those found committing incest. They included exclusion from the covenant people (Leviticus 18:29, 20:17 - 18), childlessness (Leviticus 20:20 - 21) or even death (Leviticus 20:11 - 12, 14). The reason why he forbids this behavior (other than he says so) is that those who practice it defile and destroy themselves through it (Leviticus 18:24 - 25, 27).

In conclusion, the Bible not only does not approve of incest, it also forbids we have s** with anyone (even if they are not closely related to us) outside the union of marriage. In fact, according to Jesus, even l****** after someone (before any physical act can take place) is considered a sin (Matthew 5:28)!

  • Why do you pedophiles always try to quote Scripture?

  • I am a guy,17 and have a good looking,petite 15 year old sister.Our bedrooms are together,with just the wall separating them.Sis is still bedwetting from going thru puberty and wears cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night for the bedwetting.After we are in bed for a while,i sneak into sis's room and get into bed with her and rub my hands over her diapers and plastic pants which gets me very h****!I pull my pajama bottoms down and sis sucks my c*** untill i come,then she swallows my load.We cuddle for a few minutes,then i go back to my bed.

  • FUCKoff sick incest lover your fake shitt ain't welcome anymore

  • You’re not in charge here, kiddie diddler!!

  • Learn the proper way to use English, grammar, and punctuation. Maybe we might believe half of what you wrote.

  • ..yeah.. because using one finger to type at the same time the other hand is exercising his meatus...

  • “...his meatus” aka your breakfast.

  • It's called rape.

  • Your a very sad person....
    And a sick one...


  • Hey you little scared piece of s*** why don't you put your name up instead of being an anonymous and people can maybe say something back to you you probably sit there and m********* and watch your little brother changes diapersyeah you see how my name's right there I'm not afraid of anything cuz what I got to say is the truth I just get sick and f****** tired of seeing your comments every f****** where you little f**** hoe

  • Your name is Cockshadow? No wonder you are a sickFUCK who likes incest and pedophilia posts. One day you will molest the wrong child and a parent will put a bullet in your sick head.

  • Why don’t YOU put your name up instead of being an imbecile with a meaningless screen name? The fact that you prey on under age children doesn’t give you higher moral ground.
    Posting your screen name instead of your real name proves it is you that is the weak and scared twerp. Just kill yourself!

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