My sister is a escort

My sister got a new job as a escort. She would tell me stores About the guys she would go on dates with for her job. She would tell me how if they would some time offer her a 50 dollar tip For some fun in bed. She told me how she would go home with them and they would f*** her beans out. She thin told me how some would offer 100 to c** in her pussycat. I was so h**** think about my sister getting f*****. One night I was really h**** and single. So I called a escort company and set up a date with a random girl hoping I would get some after. So I went to my date win I got there I seen my sister standing there in black low cut top and very short skirt I could see her blue underwear under her skirt and leather boots. She was so sexy standing there. So we went on our date the hole time I I could think about was guys f****** her and how I would to. At the end of our date she kissed me on the mouth and told me she had fun on owe date. I smiled and handed her 100$. She replied with u want to fill your baby sister with your c**. She put the money in her pocket and said so big brother my place or yours. We went to min because it was closer. We f***** in the front seat of my car because we couldn't wait but by the time we got to my bed we had did it 3 times. We f***** all night. Now we go on dates every Friday night.

Mar 4, 2021

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  • I don't believe you.

  • My sister used to sneak into my room late at night and give me a hand job. She also talked my into licking her, at first that seemed awful but I learned to like it. After quite awhile, we began to have s**, I had to use rubbers but then she went on the pill. Last time we did it was 5 years ago, she spent the weekend with my wife and I, and when the wife went shopping she asked me if I wanted to for old time's sake.
    We barely got done before my wife got home, that was close. She is married now and lives on the other side of the country. Nobody knows, it is our secret.
    My sister is the best f*** I ever had.

  • Nice fantasy

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