H**** wife oops happy wife happy life

I'm Korean and my wife is red neck country girl. When i first had s** with her, she had o***** less than 30 seconds and then she kept c****** every minute. I thought i was going to make her pass out. So, I thought i was the luckiest man alive and married her. Also, her bra size is 36N. F****** Ns!!!!!! I know it does sound unbelievable but i just had to get this out there somewhere. Also, she like to wake me up by sucking my c***. I mean I'm living the f****** dream here. I love her so much. Right now, i woke up from a nap and she started sucking my c*** so i decided to leave something here. Thanks for reading my boring story.
P.s. she swallows too. Thank you Jesus.

Mar 8

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  • Size N? How fat is she, because she doesn’t have a 34 waist for sure.

  • More like 4’9 230

  • She is 5'9" 130lbs

  • Hah theirs clearly no possible way for that b true no female is 5’9 weighs 130 flat chested and n size bra impossible. I’d like c a pic or ask how she lays while sleeping if u gonna lie making believable is good start

  • Haha obviously she can't be flat chested to wear N size bra. Hate all you want. I am living my life. Hahahaha

  • You are living the dream. Cherish what you have here.

  • Thank you. I know. I will.

  • Nice

  • You must've got a 12" c*** to please her like that.

  • Just average size haha thank you tho.

  • What is average size?

  • 5-6 inches i thought?

  • Wow you are lucky.Has she ever passed out froman o*****? Mine does all the time

  • Most do ! That means your doing good job more often than not guys pass out girl gets herself off or over to someone else to get finished off.

  • How many does she gets b-4 passing out?

  • She o****** at least 10 times.

  • I am not sure what that is..? What is it?

  • I concur with “cockshadow” most likely a lie but it’s referring to an o***** , or getting her to c**.

  • It's a lie most likley

  • Right

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