Nurse liked my p****

When I was 15 I had a problem where every time I used the bathroom, I would leek p*** on myself after.

I went to the urologist and I had to get a test taken where I pee into a special toilet with some sensors on me. When I went, I had to get a scan of my blatter before and after. The nurce pulled down my pants a little to scan my blatter. When she was scanning my blatter, her hand was touching my p**** way too much.

When she stuck the 2 or 3 wires on me, my pants were half way down my thighs and her face was close to my p****, very close. She was reaching under me so I could tell that she should have been doing it the other way. After I peed in the toilet she had me hop on the table again. This time I pulled my pants down a lot so she could see my p****. She did the same thing again, exept I was hard as a rock by this point.

Why God, why do old fat women love me so much.

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  • Stupid idiot you are an A$$hole! First nurse's don't do tests and the test you just described doesn't exist idiot!

  • Yes they do and yes it dose you arrogant piece of s***

  • It was to see how much pee emptied from my balder. She must have not been a nurce then

  • Dream on idiot and learn to spell !

  • He can spell better than your mama aunt

  • English is my second language give me a pass.

  • He's obviously Indian. You know they can't spell or punctuate properly for s***. Plus, all they ( the men ) think about is s**.

  • You do realise don't you that ever illiterate Paki's ambition is to get himself a white woman !

  • I'm from a town outside of a city of Germany.

  • When I ws spotting blood, my Doctor sent me to get a colonoscopy exam.
    In the room, there sat a tiny black nurse, she looked to me mid 20's. She told me to remove all of my lower clothing, than just sat there.
    Turning a bit pink, I complied, and up "it" came, I tried to stop that but couldn't.
    She told me that would not do, the Doctor did not want that to happen during the exam. It might not have but she kept looking at it.
    Then she told me I could relieve myself, I told her I didn't like doing that, so next thing I knew, she was assisting?
    So, at my ripe old age of 62, I got a hand job from a pretty black nurse in a Doctor's office.
    This one IS true, and she was actually pretty good at it. I did ask her if she liked her job, my poor attempt at humor.
    She just grinned at me.
    I guess the male Doctor was homophobic, is why, I can think of no other reason.
    I also noticed his waiting room was full of men, since the exam was lower colon only, I was awake through the entire procedure.

  • You wrote this fake shitt on Naughtyposts A$$wipe! No nurse or doctor is going to touch you sexualyA$$hole!

  • Not true. When I was in 8th grade, my appendix ruptured and I spent 2 weeks in the Jackson University Hospital. During one of my test procedures (test done by a Nurse mind you, not a Doctor) I got a harden that I had no control over. The nurse obviously noticed, and I tried to cover it up with my hands. She told me to relax, that it happens more offended then you think. I was embarrassed and extremely nervous. After the test was done, she put her hand atop my hands and patted lightly on them. She said to move my hands. At first I was too nervous, but she persisted. It was the first handjob/b****** I ever got.
    Don't tell me Nurses don't do s**t like that. Go live your lame ass life somewhere else Scooter.

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