Nude in front of my son

My 14 year old son makes a habit of walking in my bedroom when i am changing or just out of the shower, i thought of ordering him out but thought no there is nothing wrong with him seeing me naked i have nothing to be ashamed i don't get dressed discretely i know her stares at my bottom and up my crack when i am bending i don't mind, i have discussed it with my husband and told him it turns me on i go wet he says ignore it he is just curious, i can see he has a bulge in his pants, am i wrong to carry on.

Mar 12, 2021

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  • Not all your a great mother

  • Mum only walks around naked when dad isn't at home

  • I think that you should not let this opportunity to help your son pass. You will regret it later. Start slowly but be absolutely certain that you educate him on all of the hate and be sure he never ever tells anyone. Incest is still not understood by many and there are a lot of vicious people so do not trust,ever. You can have a very loving relationship with your son that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. A very strong bond forms for you and your son. good luck.

  • I agree. My mum was my best f*** ever and we both had genuine love for each other. I had regular s** with my mum for about 20 years and as a result am addicted to proper hairy fannies my mums.

  • FUCKyouASShole

  • As a woman, it is you duty to please your son in any way he chooses. He is a an age of confusion, and he needs to feel like a man. You say he has a bulge in his pants. You should offer to take care of his problem for him. It is only right that you do this. Help him develop by sitting on the bed and spreading your legs wide open so he can clearly see your c***. Isn't it better he learns from you than from magazines or the internet where so much info is false? I think you should ask your husband if it would be all right if your son f**** you. Let your husband watch if he wants to. Make it a family thing. Your husband could show his son how to do some fun things. I also think you could help your son relieve some of the pressure in his pants by orally servicing him. Explain to him that this is not are simply helping him release the built up pressure in his young developing b****. All of this can really help.

  • No you are doing nothing wrong and everything right. Your son will always love you for not making him feel dirty.

    My son and I played like that for years. In fact from the time he was 15 we shared a bed every night. I was so wonderful being held by him at night. I felt so safe and loved. I knew he was aroused and would feel him hard against my ass. I would get so wet.

    On his 18th birthday when I gave him his present we hugged a long time. And just started kissing. 20 minutes later we were going 69 in our bed. I was 39 years old and had never swallowed c** before but with him I did. It felt so natural performing oral on him. It was something I never did or wanted to do with any other man.

    I never looked back and for 20 years, I have been loved by the man of my dreams. Strong, handsome and someone who treats me like gold. He is my husband and we are so in love and have wonderful children.

  • Great!!

  • Be honest ? You are enjoying this as much a he is , Otherwise why did you bend over ? Because you wanted him to see your wet and engorged coochie .

  • I dont wot my 14 son to see me naked
    My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • message me

  • I saw my mom naked a lot as a child, and into my teens. She became a fantasy. I learned about s** from her too.

  • I learned how to dress from watching my mom. When I was very young, like preschool I would sit on her bed and it fascinated me to watch her put on pantyhose, a bra, everything all through slipping into a pair of high heels then putting on jewelry. For some reason it stuck with me that putting on her lipstick was the very last thing she did before grabbing her purse and going out the door and to this day, the last thing I do is put on my lipstick before grabbing my purse and heading out the door. The most intriguing step however was the rare times she would tight-lace herself into a corset. Then second was putting on pantyhose. The next third step was watching her clip her bra behind her back. I think I was about eight years old when I first tried on her pantyhose then I would add steps and by the time I was twelve I could put on pantyhose without sitting down, hook a bra behind my back, tight-lace myself into a corset, zip up my own dress in back, dance in three-inch heels and do my own makeup better than girls twice my age. Of course up to and through then I did spend a not insignificant amount of time practicing by playing dress-up in Mommies clothes and quite often doing so when at the park, right next door to our house, many other boys my age were doing boy stuff like playing football.

  • Everyone should learn about s** from their parents

  • It's natural curiosity. Do you want anything to happen?

  • How old are you lady ?
    Your son obviously wanks over you
    and would f*** you given the chance
    When I was fourteen I deliberately walked I to the unlocked bathroom because I just had to see her naked.
    Mum went mental, shouted at me and immediately tried to cover her b****** with her hands, completely forgetting that I could see her hairy f**** too.
    I went to my room and had a w***.
    Mum brought the subject up one day about Six years later when she me looking her over.
    That was the day mum let me f*** her for the first time.
    We then until I moved out about 20 years later.

  • It sounds like your mum has problems with her body, i walked into my mums bedroom i knew she was naked, she said go out for a few minutes while i get dressed she didn't go mental, after she explained she was a bit embarressed at first and was sorry for telling me to go out and in future there was no need for me to leave the room when she was naked.

  • I loved seeing my mum naked. She had a great body

  • Me too
    I first
    saw my mum naked when I was fourteen and she was 46.
    I was totally in awe at mum's body and her personal body odour.
    Her t*** and totally unshaven hairy bush.
    I wanked over my mum every day
    I commented one day on her long pubes and unperturbed she replied
    " Yes I just trim it a bit to keep it in my knickers".
    I had to wait until I was nineteen before my mum finally let me have s** with her aged 51. I'll never forget slowly sliding my c*** in to her hairy f**** as she looked me the eye.

  • I use to be there when dad was getting dressed he always got an erection, he said don't tell mum, i didn't because i liked looking at it, thinking it gave me life

  • When I was 8 years old, Dad and I were ready to have a bath. Seeing my naked pu ssy, he got an erection. I stared at it, because I had never seen his pe nis erect before. Dad asked me if I'd like to touch it. One thing led to another, and, before long, Dad had me on the bed with my legs around his neck as he licked me off. Then, for the first time, he pushed his erection in side me. It hurt at first, but soon I was enjoying it as he slid up and down my love-tube. After about 10 minutes, I felt him spunking up me. It was fantastic, and electricity raced through my body as I came off with him.

  • Nice ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘

  • You should have asked him if you could w*** it or s*** it. That would have been the right and fun thing to do. He gave you life, you should respect that with your mouth or even your a** if he chooses.

  • That's all? You didn't seem to have "handled it" well.

  • If you, your husband and son enjoy exhibitionist activity, so be it otherwise walk out of the bathroom partially dressed or towel wrapped and shut the door of the room and change.
    Your son has a great opportunity to learn about a female body and its functions.
    If you feel so inclined, initiate him in s**.
    Marvellous isn't it?

  • I agree

  • Wtf is wrong with u people you donโ€™t f*** family members! That how the family tree ends up a bush and produces eventually a brother sister cousin or some sort flipper family member

  • You mean like every Royal Family that ever existed, some of which are still alive today?

  • I walked in on my stepmom when i was about 15 with just a towel wrapped around me since I just got out of the shower.
    She was nude brushing her hair and simply asked what I needed,didn't cover up or grab a robe,nothing.
    I mumbled,stammered something,forgot what it was I wanted. I got a huge erection under my towel and must have looked pale because she walked towards me asking if I was alright.
    I fainted falling to the floor before she could catch me totally out cold.
    When I woke up she was on her knees bending over me squeezing water on my face trying to revive me and still naked.
    Finally she helped me up and into my bedroom. It was a few years later we talked about that incident laughing and she admitted it got her very aroused to have me walk in on her,me fainting with an erection was a bonus

  • Total bullshit! Your mom admitted she got aroused? Why didn't she just suck your d*** then if she was an incestuous c***?!

  • U should have pulled it out during conversation dude when female brings up past situations that r of that nature and says she was Aroused that means you can f*** me if u want loosely translated women donโ€™t say things like that just cause itโ€™s your cue to take control or if you shy or in certain make comment on the fact she mentioned that it was bonus u hard ask y that was bonus what else u do while was out or say Iโ€™ve got a bonus for you anytime u like

  • You more full of s*** than a Christmas turkey, boy! GTFOH with your lyin' and illiterate ass, dude๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ!!

  • Why are you so angry? Maybe repressing your own emotions.. things you wanted to do with those black fingers but can't because the devil gonna get you

  • You missed a great opportunity by fainting.

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