My 10yo stepson cameback from ballet school with something in ass

Hi! I am Aga.
My 10 year old stepson came back from ballet school yesterday with a red face and a little nervous. As he changed his clothes, I noticed something sticking out of his ass slightly. I pretended I didn't see so I wouldn't bother him. When he bent down to change from the dance belt to boxer shorts, I could clearly see a pink circle at the a***. When I asked him to sit down to eat lunch, he couldn't eat because he seemed to be energized the whole time. In the evening, when he fell asleep, I looked for it in his room, but I didn't find it. I decided to look at him and as I gently parted my legs, he slept with it. Something pink and with a round base. What could it be? Could it hurt him? Why is he wearing something there? Or is he gay? he is only 10 years old. Please help. I don't know if I can put this post on the general forum. I have been raising him by myself for 2 years his dad has passed away.

Mar 12

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  • I know that your trying to be a Great Mom.
    You son is getting feelings that he doesn't understand.
    Is he Gay or not so what, he is your son.
    I don't know if I'm accurate or not but your son might be playing with a bu** plug or something like that or an** Bea**.
    They come in lots of different sizes.
    As for the other boy it could be he didn't know what to do and where to go with such a question.
    I grew up and almost killed my self because I didn't know why I liked panties and other things that were not for boys.
    It turns out that I have 2 spirits in me at the same time.
    Because what guy would be interested in this and all of the ridicule that goes along with it?
    But if I suppress the girl in me I get depressed and sadden by not letting her out. So you must let both sides out and the world is in harmony again.
    And my wife likes me like this, we have so much fun. You can't believe it, but others can see how much fun were having it shows on our relationship.
    Mostly men feel threatened buy it for reasons I don't know.
    Women seem to really like me and they will approach us at the stores.
    It turns out I am a 2 Spirit Person and the other name for that is a Crossdresser.
    But when I told my girl freind about it she got me a red pantie to wear and ever since then I wear them along with other female things ever day, she turned me on to jewelry and we have lots of that now and we share what we have.
    The world does not really understand crossdressers and others that are different than the normal as it is called.
    My wonderful wife she just says if a girl can wear men's clothes why can't' you wear womans clothes.
    Your son will figure out where he stands as time goes on, just be there as you are now and support him and let him know He is not Alone and there are others out there like him.
    You sound like a Great Mom, keep up the work and just follow your heart and you a will do just fine.
    And so will your son!!

  • It sounds like your describing a*** beads they come in 4-8 b**** connected by a cord smallest ball at one end leading to bigger and bigger. I hope thaT helps you

  • Sounds almost like ringworms. Time to go to a doctor.

  • Why didn't you question him? He may have been violated.

  • Thanks. Can anyone here give a constructive answer?

  • Ah ! who wrote this ? They've got a vivid imagination , that's for sure .

  • More bullshit !!!
    How the f*** can a ten year old kid know about faggots and their disgusting habits ?

  • You do and why do you shop at sears young boy section. Is it cause little boy pants are always half off.. A******

  • I found not understand your comment are all!!
    If the child is Gay so what.
    You were born and nobody said anything about your poor attitude.
    Living with a closed mind is a terrible thing to do and can lead to ignorance!!!!
    People are born the way they are and they have to figure out what that is with out some body giving them sh.t about it.
    So leave the boy alone you DH.
    A DH is something between your legs and the big round thing on your shoulders!!!!!

  • Die you q**** c***.
    Gay is NOT normal.
    And at ten years old a child is too young to understand let alone decide what they might prefer when actually old enough.

  • Why don't you read a book DH. I was raped at 10 so don't try and tell me I didn't know you f****** judgemental piece of s***

  • Idk man when I was 6 years old I was watching that california girls music video like 😍 and I wanted to be with a woman. People start being attracted to others at a very young age, most of the time they don't realise what they are feeling though. I definitely didn't choose it with all the hatred I get because of it, I wish I could have been straight but I'm not. People like you on the other hand are not normal, you are sick in the head if you think that him maybe liking men is the problem and not that he may be being violated or have learnt how to do that type of sexual thing when so young

  • Deviants that l*** after their own s** should keep their urges and desires to themselves.
    Sadly those days are gone and the LGBT brigade promote their disgusting selves.
    I'd have the q**** c**** shot if I was running the country.

  • It's a good thing you a your daddy trump got removed

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