That's a lot of c**

It was around 5:30 i was sat on the sofa with my teenage son just talking when i got a glimpse of his k*** the way he was sat i seen up his shorts, I looked a couple more times and for some reason i stuck my hand up his shorts and touched his d***,he jumped and i still had hold of it and it grew in my hand,I could tell he liked it but don't think he knew what to do next that's when i began stroking it,I said it would be better to take them down and carried on hand at the base of his d*** and jerked him with the other hand,at any minute his dad could of pulled up and seen us,my son definitely wasn't thinking about that i heard him say im going to c**, the first fired in the air and landed on the carpet and the others landed on my leg on the sofa and on him it was like he wasn't going to stop,I've never seen someone c** like that before so much of it especially a 15 year old,I had to clean it up while he stayed where he was, only managed to clean it all minutes before his dad got home,he was very handy when his dad was upstairs making it very clear he wasn't done, knowing his dad only got in the shower i wanted to see what my son had in mind,s** was what he was after all i done was pulled my underwear to one side and just lay back and let him get between my legs and off he went huffing and puffing and collapsed while still finishing off, next morning my husband left and i sneaked into my son's room pulled the covers down and he already had morning wood and woke him up by f****** him.

Mar 12, 2021

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  • Ignore all the negative comments. You're giving a lot of pleasure to your h**** son.

  • Its ok

  • You are sick and you just destroyed your child. Congrats.

  • Reminds me of my mom.

  • I see nothing has changed on here Billy no mates still liking his own comments, abusing people just because he can't sleep with his 13 year old student

  • That's racist

  • Racist ? Really paki ?
    F*** off and work on your grammar !

  • F*** off you illiterate paki idiot with your stupid fantasizing.
    Your spelling ( or rather lack of ) gives you away every time.

  • Don't forget punctuation and spacing, also! Lol😆!

    You know how illiterate they are in that part of the world.

  • Don't forget punctuation and spacing, also! LMAO😆!

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