My friends dad came on my t***

When I was 19 I went on holiday with my work friend and her family. I’d never met my friends dad before but I couldn’t believe how hot he was. I was wet 5 seconds after I met him at the airport.

It was my first holiday after my b*** job so I was making the most of my new t*** and instantly noticed all the men staring at my b**** which made me even more h****. Unfortunately my friends dad spent most of the holiday working.

One afternoon after lunch and a few to baby cocktails I went back to my room to get more suncream and heard my friends dad on the phone on the next balcony. His voice was so sexy. I was tipsy and in the heat of the moment I knocked on his door and as he opened the door (shirtless) I flashed him my b**** and said “do you like my new t*** Mr Pxxxxxx?!”

He pulled me towards me and kissed me then locked the door, picked me up and threw him on his bed. He pulled his shorts down and he was already getting hard. I got his c*** in my mouth and gagged on his c*** like a pornstar. He said “I wanna c** on your t*** you little s***!” It turned me on sooooo much that my friends dad had just called me a s***!!!!

After about 30 seconds he pushed me back on the bed and straddled me and suddenly he shot a huge thick warm load of c** across my stomach, b****, across my mouth, eye and hair! More c** followed and I lay there pushing my new b**** together as he unloaded all over me.

My friend never found out and I never saw her dad again. I still think about it when I touch myself or when a guy c*** on my b****!


Mar 13, 2021

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  • I've been carry on an affair with my best friend's father Ted for 13 years now. Started when I was 15. BTW I went after him. He resisted at first, but after a month he caved in and f*** me that first time for hours c****** in me 3 times. I have no trouble keeping him with me, I just act like a disgusting s*** in bed. I do every perverted thing he wants. Except f*** another guy, but girls are fine.

    Truthfully, he is like a f*** machine he 52 and all muscle. I'm in great shape, but Ted wears me out, he can go for hours and have s** 4 times a day.

    My friend thinks I'm a sales person for the company Ted owns, but I'm just on the payroll and don't work. We just meet and f***. We are love, and Ted wants to marry me, but is daughter will never understand so a will not marry him and hurt her.

    We have a 9 year old daughter Kelly together. Ted just came home to my place. Time to f***!

  • Wow. I can totally picture that. I would have shot six feet with multiple ropes

  • It was honestly the thickest c** I’d ever seen!!! He probably hadn’t had s** or a w*** in weeks, he was always too busy working! It turned me on knowing he wanted to shoot his thick ropes across my b o o b s haha!

  • Send me a picture of those b****.

  • Only my boyfriend gets to e******** all over my fake boobies now, sorry!

  • Wow. I shoot heavy loops at the thought of c****** on nice t***

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