Ass To Mouth

my gf is an A*** s** freak... she was a virgin when i first met her and she wanted s** anally before vaginally. anyway 1 night we were having a*** s**, quite rough as well.., after i finishised shooting my load deep in her ass i pullled my c*** out and noticed that it was covered in slimey chunks of s*** that were clearly visible, to my utter astonishment she started sucking my c*** saying how much she enjoyed tasting her own s***!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Thats disgusting.
    But once i was reading this true story about this guy that begged his girl to have a*** s** with him and she finally said yes and he pulled out to c** but when he did she s*** all over his d*** and he threw up on her, then she threw up and started crying.
    And to make everything so much worse, he had a friend filming it in the closet and the friend opened the closet door and threw up too. Then the poor girl stood up and slipped in her own vomit.
    I swear to god this is true lol.
    Its so awful. It makes me sad. Im not kidding.
    How much would that suck.
    That story is also why I will never have a*** s**. I really don't want to s*** on my bf's d***.

  • Thats why you use condoms and the person can use an enima before a*** s** to clean the s*** out so there are no messes like that.

  • Teller you don't need any of that s***

  • b****

  • well i dont really know what to do, if she wants to taste her own s*** then i guess thats up to her i think its f***** out right gross, i did make her thoroughly wash her mouth afterwards. i think the fact that i cud smell the s*** is wat really bothered me. but have to say thats the 1st time thats there been s*** on my d*** after a*** s**. we rarely have regular s** these days and i hate that, i just dont know how to tell her tho she goes crazy wen its in her ass, its as if she becomes possessed

    - Confessor

  • Tell her to clean her ass out before having s** with you.

  • I'm sorry but that's f****** gross even to watch. yuck.

  • Well, that is certainly a deviation from the norm. Sounds like you think it's gross. You have got to tell her. S** is about pleasing the other person if you are in love, so, if she isn't willing to stop what you see as gross she is pretty selfish. I, too, have enjoyed occasional a*** s** (not what you would call an a*** freak, though). The a*** is a very sensitive and sexual area. However, my fiance let me know right off the bat that he was not into that AT ALL. At first I felt miffed, like I he was depriving me of something, but since he felt so strongly I just gave it up. It's a small sacrifice if it is someone you love. Love is all about sacrifice.
    Not to mention, her eating her own feces poses potential health problems. It would be worse if she was eating someone else's feces - ever heard of Hepatitis? And what if you had to kiss her after she ate her own feces? Then you would be exposed to her feces and might get E. coli or worse. This coming from an RN.

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