Why is everyone hateful to me

I am 40 years old i live with my mom and stepdad because i have learning problems so i can't move out i can't count money and so it would be hard for me to pay my bills and go to the store i can't drive all i ask is good advice not bad advice i am warning you all if i see bad advice i want your names so i can tell people to stay away from you here is my problem

my mom and dad divorced when i was 6 years old about a year after the divorce my mom married a man younger than her he seemed nice after a while but when i was growing up and started to act out i confess i was a brat he started to play the daddy part even though i have a dad he would take my stuff away instead of grounding me from it he would tell off stop talking to loud he has been doing this when i was a teenager he did the same things again and then as an adult he does the same thing now things have been going good until he complains about my room and yes it's nasty but i do clean it the best i can but he says it's still not good enough he thinks that taking my stuff away is going to solve things he is wrong it never does he is a fine one to talk he cheated on my mom and he threatend to divorce her so what does that tell you

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  • Jackie I think the problem here is that you are a virgin. You need a man to make love to you with his hands and mouth all over your body. The lovemaking will help you to get rid of all your anxieties. You need to have an incredibly intense o***** as you feel a man’s hot load fill you. Playing with yourself isn’t getting the job done.

  • Do you date? Do you have someone special that you could have a relationship with and a life with? Maybe that would make you happy.

  • Nope I don’t date

  • Why not date?

  • Somehow I think I would enjoy dating you. Rescuing you from your situation. Taking you to nice places, romantic dinners, shopping, paying for you to get your hair and nails done, buying you pretty clothes, high heels, stockings and such.

  • Maybe you should ask your parents to help you rearrange your room. Ask for some help. If they understand your limits then they should also realize how to assist you.
    I also think you should really look into finding a program that will help you to live on your own or at least in assisted living where you have some independence but guidance where necessary. You need to have positive influences in your life. If the situation at home is toxic it will not improve. Don’t focus on what you are incapable of. Focus on what you can do! Focus on all the amazing things you can and will do.

  • I have been in a group home I just get home sick

  • That’s understandable.

  • I’m not Hateful towards you, I’m Hateful towards myself for taking the time to tell you advice on what should have been done in your life.
    Like you I am also Sort of Disabled, I suffered Third grade concussion and badly damaged my right temple on my head, like you, I was a Angry loner, I hated everybody, but I had plans before my Concussion, I had Gigantic plans to go off to College and University after my high school graduation.
    I was going to go into Welding and mechanical and plumbing school and get myself a PHD and go far away from my Family.
    But that all came to a halt because of a stupid mistake my real Dad made in sending me off on a stupid errand or chore he should have done himself, which resulted in me suffering a bad head injury on the road and making me suffer a real bad head injury which was a Third grade concussion.
    I had to put all my dreams of living on my own on hold because of that stupid mistake, I hated everybody, even my own Dad who never should have sent me on that Chore that he had no business sending me on, because it Isolated me, it made me live in Permanent Isolation, I never trusted anybody or even spoken with anybody that would send me on a Dangerous errand, because why would a F- ing Adult send a Vulnerable 15 year old teenager on a Dangerous errand, when he should have done it himself.

    That was a real stupid thing a Adult did to a Teenager who was unaware of the Danger of a real bad Bike accident and that day, I should have died, I would have been better off dead, rather than living that day, but my Mom changed my mind about it, She kicked that stupid adult out of our Life’s and we have not seen my real Dad for over 23 years. So in a way, my Childhood was h***.

  • And just so you know, I been living on my own for 14 years now, my mom passed away in April 2007, and I have no plans on attending the funeral of my real Dad in the future, because I still hate him after 23 year’s of not seeing him.

  • Thank you for understanding my real dad died 6 months ago so i do miss him my real parents were not mean to me it was just my stepdad i mean yes he helped me with things but as i got older i started to become wild and he just could not handle it he tells me to stop fussing when i am not fussing he tells me to lower my voice when i am not that loud and he wants to take my stuff away like i am 12 he thinks i do this on purpose which i don't he is not really my dad i don't give a damn that he raised me since i was little that does not give him the right to do what he does

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