Out walking my dog

I asked my son to walk our dog early this morning and he refused because he was busy,it was around 7 o'clock out over the field we took a short cut through the bushes and to my right was my son with his pants down wanking himself off,I tied our dog up and had a go at him because someone could of seen him,he tried to put it away but in a panic he could,I gave it a flick which he definitely liked,I told him to get home and if his father is gone to work he better be waiting in my bed,30 minutes later i came home and he was where i told him to be,I opened the dressing table and took out a condom and asked him to put it on,I watched him roll it on,I know im his mother but he was h****,his c*** was solid hearing it slap his stomach when i push him back on to my bed,I rubbed it against my shaved p**** and in it went, lowered myself down and hearing him moan out loud i then f***** him like crazy,he was staring at my b****** like he's never seen a pair before and that moment came he looked so cute when he was c******,I got off and his c*** was still erect condom filled with his seed i pulled it off and turned over and chucked it in the bin turned back and he pulled my legs apart and straight back in, wasn't long before he came again,I think he wants more.

Mar 18, 2021

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  • I often go for a walk at night with my dog and my 14-year old son. My husband doesn't mind, as he's always watching television. We walk to my local common, where I let my son fu ck me. It turns me on knowing that people sometimes see me lying on the ground with my son pumping me as though there were no tomorrow. I always come off, often as my son is spunking up me. It's the only chance I have of having my son fu ck me, as my husband works from home.

  • If I had a mom who let me f*** her, I would never use condom. I would f*** her many times a day and shoot my s**** deep inside her womb every time. I also wouldn't mind going rough on her because I have a fetish of dominating and humiliating my partner. If my dream mom wants me to tie her up, beat her up, choke her, slash her, I would be more than happy to do it.

  • Bullsheet

  • It was just as well that you tied the dog or he would have found a thick sausage.

  • Fake

  • Mom you are a special Mom

  • Fantasy.

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