I have stole panties!

I have always had a thing for panties, every time i see a lady wearing leggings i look for a panty line. There was a lady in her early 40s that lived next to a friend of mine. she would always wear leggings and i could see her thong through them. i jerked off so many times thinking about her, one day i decided to break into her home. she left a back window open and i got in and went right to her bedroom and found her panty drawer it was filled with tiny thongs. then i found the laundry basket and i hit the gold mine! I found a black thong right on the top so i pilled my c*** out and jerked off while smelling it and blew a huge f****** load into one of her clean white thongs i took from the drawer and stuck them back in her drawer. I also took a pair home with me. I did this a few times that summer. That came to a end when she got killed in a car accident and her family sold the house. just wonder what they did with all of her panties

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  • Break into my home and get a free lead injection that will cure all your problems!

  • Keep drinking heavily.

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