Secret s** life

In my office there is a large filing cabinet , its locked. in the large bottom drawer, there is what I call my s*** wear “ sexy lingerie, stockings , sexy shoes , sexy dresses”
I have a very good career. I am a mom I have been married 26 years . I am 49. I married my high school sweetheart. I am a Christian and I go to church each Sunday . For the past 4 years I have led a secret life , I AM A S***.
These are my confessions.
I do not know his name , I originally answered his ad , we meet now and then , he is a construction worker , he is working on a building near my office. he will send an email asking if we can meet . We meet during the day , in the car park in the back of his truck a crew cab. I have met him 5 times , I am not sure if I met him on the street that I would recognize him . He is tall, fit , I suspect in his 40’s . I park beside him , I leave my car and I get into his truck ,. I had changed into stockings , heels, a corset , I wear a long raincoat , no dress. I am slim and fit , i run, do yoga , i have long dark hair green eyes , I am 5 feet 6. My b****** are small but my nipples are sensitive, I am shaved. I get into the back of the truck , he is sitting , pants undone. His c*** out.
I take off my coat . he says what he always says “ very sexy “ , he doesn’t talk much , I am there for one thing… to suck his c*** . his c*** is a very nice c*** , he is 8 inches and thick , uncircumcised with a very loose foreskin. I take his c*** in my hand and then I start to lIck and kiss it. It isn’t a large car park , I can hear people and cars as I go down on him , the windows are tinted. I am focused on his c*** ; I am so wet. I am a great c*** sucker . I ran my tongue between the head of his c*** and the foreskin , I can tell he likes it. I suck on his b****. Minutes ago, I was in work and I will soon return to work . I suck harder take him deeper . I love making a c*** c**. He then puts his large rough hand upon my head , pushing his c*** down my throat , he thrusts f****** my mouth , and then he gasps as he c***……I drink it all , then I lift my head and clean his c*** of all c** . “ I should go “ he says . I put on my coat and leave , I drive back to my work , I change in my car back into my work dress , I have been gone 28 minutes. I sit at my desk working again , tasting his c** and c*** in my mouth.

Mar 22, 2021

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