Question to you

Hey, people.

I see more and more cases where some degenerates are attacking Asian people.
I am Korean and generally we despise Chinese since they have been nothing but a bully to my country. I am just sad that people around the world would categorize all the asians as Chinese and hate them...
Could you please ask us where we come from before you shoot us up?
I live in US, and I work 9-5 like most of people. I just wanted quiet life.
I never knew I would have to go to grocery store carrying a firearm..

Thanks for listening.
Hope you guys stay safe.

F*** you China.
G******* cockroaches.
All normal Chinese dies when you did that f****** cultural revolution.
F****** commies.

Mar 23

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  • F*** everybody, you touch me you are guaranteed my knife will slice right through your neck. I don’t walk around empty handed these days. Life for a life bring it on.

  • To atone for all asian wrong doing they must each contribute something erotic to this site, and stop whining!

  • F*** USA

  • Woah don't say that please. We did some good things for the world too.

  • My wife is asian from asia ,28 years in usa has had zero issues.
    The media and liberals want to divide people with hate using race . They are disgusting .

  • Yeah I blame the media too. Personally I never been attacked or harassed. What part of Asia is she from?

  • F*** china!!

  • We should be burning China and all chinese to ground

  • I agree. That is what 99.9% of Koreans think as well. You will be surprised.

  • Them Asian had it much coming to them dont they?

  • What...? What did the other Asian countries do?

  • Nobody is talking about the 10 white people who were gunned down yesterday?

    They are going after white people. Nobody is talking about how the gunman is a Trump supporter and a Muslim.

  • R***** .he is muslim from syria .

  • Says who it happen?

  • How do ypu know all of this information is accurate and correct???
    Let's go write something that is accurate and correct!!!!!!

  • How do you know he was a Trump supporter? It is'n tattooed on him. What does the fact that he is Muslim have to do with anything yet. I know Muslim people with more class then you clearly have! Let's get the whole story before you jump to being a racist A$$hole!

  • It's becoz of virus. Stop virus and we stop hate. SIMPLE!!

  • Why should asians be responsible for stopping virus? S**** mostly contained in many countries in Asia. It isbdumb Americans who wouldn't wear a g******* mask for the longest time and f***** it all up.

  • I don't know why people can be so stupid to realize that Asian people living here have nothing to do with the virus. Further more can't see why those idiots can't see that most Chinese people long for the same freedom as we have or the Chinese government is responsible for the virus! Stay safe best of luck!

  • I am glad to see someone like you exist. I am sure there are a lot more like you. Hopefully most of the population in US. But it only takes one dumb f*** to kill many people.

  • This is a s** site. we don't discriminate with any nationality as long as they f***.

  • Hahaha best comment yet

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