Got my d*** sucked in a gloryhole

Do girls really love the thought of not knowing who they are sucking off? I've been in a mental hospital and spat at people and use girls for s**. I got accepted as a participant in a gloryhole and some b**** was on the other side.

I spat on my c*** and dipped my c*** in p*** before arriving cause I really don't like white whores. To her I'm just a d*** through a hole, to me she's just a public w**** for men with any background/race get their d**** sucked.

These things don't exist in the country I'm from and I don't plan on going back cause lifes about getting your d*** sucked. Plan on meeting a Pakistani p*** this weekend in England.

Mar 24, 2021

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  • I think they pulled a bait and switch on you. He wasn't giving her moral support. He was talking himself into sucking you d***.
    Remember that qhen you and your wife give it a try. It can be a shot at you sucking your first d***. Just saying

  • It wasn’t a girl on the other side of the glory hole. It was a guy.

  • Hahahaha. He didn't know!

  • Years ago, before AIDS, a coworker asked me to let his wife service me through a glory hole at a park bathroom. They both liked the idea of her trying out a glory hole but both were afraid of disease, law, reputation... I was one that they both approved of. It was his 'job' to find guys from their shared list and 'surprise' her. She would know I was from the list but not know which guy. I told him I had to think about it. At home I told my wife. She got excited and strongly suggested I agree and participate. Turns out, my wife always loved the idea of working a glory hole but was too afraid of the possible pitfalls and a sore jaw. We decided that if all went well we might try the same thing this couple was doing. I went a had a great time. I could hear my coworker urging his wife on as she got started. Once she got going the fellow's wife gave the best head I'd had to date.

    We talked a lot about doing what they did but we never did. She still loves the idea but is too fearful of the possible consequences.

  • Most English girls have been brainwashed into hating themselves. You should have a great time. England is basically one giant open aired asylum these days. An entire nation determined to destroy itself.

  • Some women do like anonymous s**, like with someone they just met at least I do . but I'd never do that in at a gloryhole . so honestly I feel like it was probably a guy on the other side .

  • It’s exciting with someone you just met. Both seem into it and open up sexually.

  • You are a f*****! it was a guy!

  • 99% of glory hole suckers are men.

  • Yes i have done it

  • Who ever let you out of the mental hospital should be shot! Go back as fast as you can!

  • Guys f*** wife adult theaters c** in her p****

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