J********** to black girls

Let me start this by saying that i find most black people repulsive. But lately I have seen a few black women that are pretty sexy as long as they dont have a giant ass and a lot of black features. I work with a black lady about 30years old and she is really f****** sexy. she has a great body. Yesterday i was in my office and i have a security monitor in the office and i see all the cameras. well she was in the hallway talking with someone and i could zoom the camera in on her tight ass and see her panty line. so i pulled out my c*** and beat it like a slave and came all over the place in no time at all. I know that most blacks are pretty poor and was wondering if i should approach her and offer her some money to let me f*** her. I would pay her well . I may try this on friday

Mar 25, 2021

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  • Let’s face it black girls have the best butts by far. I love looking at naked black girls

  • Color doesnt mean a thing -----what is in her heart and what a good person --------thats what matters

  • Wtf is wrong with you get a life all women are beautiful in their own way and skin colour doesn't play a roll in anything !

  • Older white male here, oh and also conservative, you are the scum of the earth! not for l****** after a black women but your attitude

  • My woman is half black ------------nothing wrong with that -i am proud of her -----should see her beauty and figure

  • Before I comments, let me say I am a white Englishman.
    Now to my point.
    Please show the lady some respect as a person . Skin colour is irrelevant.
    J*** off because she is a pretty lady, that's not an issue.
    Don't be racist and offer to pay for s** :- the lady may have little money but she is not a h*****.
    Keep your money , keep your mouth shut, carry-on exercising your wrist and let the pretty lady keep her dignity.
    If you do otherwise she may not let you keep your teeth.

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