New L*** Will Teach Me

My boyfriend and I were naked and having poolside s**. When we got up, I watched his father open the sliding door and ask what was going on. He had returned two days early from his trip. And we ran to the bath and got dressed. Every since then, he looks at me differently. A look that says, I want you. I don't know how long he watched us, be we were going heavy. He is lonely and alone and I get excited thinking he jacks off and thinks of s******* me. I want to experience and see if he can teach me something. My boyfriend has become too routine.

Mar 25, 2021

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  • I wish I was watching you. Sounds like you know how to f*** and enjoy it.

  • I kind of know how you two felt. My wife and I got married when we were both 18 and we came back early from our honeymoon because of bad weather. My father had been coming by every day bringing in our mail & checking on things. We'd started fooling around and my hot 18yo, 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 redhead wife was on the bed wearing only a garter belt & stocking. She was on her hands and knees her big t*** hanging down and I was standing at the foot of the bed f****** her in the ass.

    All of a sudden my dad, one of his friends, and his friend's grandson come in. They were right beside the bed and when I went to pull out I shot a huge load of c** all over my wife's ass & back. She jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I just stood there in shock my c*** still half hard. It embarrassed us but turned us on too. After that, there was obviously some sexual tension between my dad & my wife. My wife is really into exhibitionism always dressed in really skimpy outfits at home so she can expose herself to any of my friends who might drop by. But my father would drop by sometimes too and see her in these revealing outfits.

    We'd never discussed the night he'd seen us f****** but you could feel a spark when they were in the same room. But one night the subject came up when we were all watching a p*** movie and drinking. One thing led to another and we ended up with her sucking one of us off while the other f***** her and swapping places a couple of times. And we both shot off all over her face & t***. He never f***** her again but she did suck his c*** a couple of times. And we all got along great after that.

  • Hey girl, have fun with it like my bf and I were going at it like back in high school and his dad saw us.. my bf didn't but I knew he was there it was like so hot I bet he wants to f*** u so bad lol

  • A look of disgust doesn't say "I want you". You think you are all that and then some!!!

  • Start flashing him your little p****y discreetly while you’re at your boyfriends and leave the door ajar while my touch yourself saying his name and you’ll soon know if he wants to take it any further.

  • Any man would l*** after a hot younger woman.

  • A look of disgust doesn't say "I want you". You think you are all that and then some!

  • Cringe

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