I'm Proud to be an Effeminate F*****

I always wear only women's clothing, because I wear Panties exclusively for my underwear. I keep my legs silky smooth, along with the rest of me, and I grew my hair out longer than a foot. I look like a woman, and I am very proud of myself. I am just too Feminine to be a man, and I refuse to be one. I prefer to kneel before men to prove my inferiority, and my pride in being Feminine.

Mar 26, 2021

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  • Say that when you die and cast into a lake of fire...

  • Good, wearing pretty panties and pantyhose is a great start.

  • You sound perfect darling, there is nothing so gorgeous as a very feminine man dressed as a lovely woman.
    I know I am on older man and have a lover called Amanda.

  • Thats good you know your place. I would make you my b****

  • Beware. A b**** can be a real b**** to deal with.

  • Idc

  • You will.
    You WILL care....

  • You talk back alot for a sissy b**** like yourself

  • I'm not a coward. I wear Dresses in public. That takes more b**** than you have, tough guy...

  • Talk about pride...wear that proudly when Christ returns

  • LOL

  • Uh huh now get on your knees where you belong

  • Why don't you go s**** your mother again, like the inbred son-of-a-w****'s-b****** that you are?

  • Rambling weirdo

  • How lovely to read your story, as I am effeminate too and dress as female. I expect to get nasty comments from ignorant people for writing this but I don't care. I'm seventeen and have fallen in love with a man called Harry who loves my feminine side.
    He lives in the same street as my family and he has known me since I was little. my parents have been helping him during the pandemic. I took some things round to his house one day last year for my dad and I got talking to him.
    He told me that he remembered me when I was a little boy but he preferred me as a girl and said I looked lovely. I was so flattered that I kissed him and that's when he took hold of me, pulled me close and kissed me. I felt his hand feeling me and it was like an electric shock as I felt myself getting very sexually aroused.
    We pulled apart and he apologised and said he was so lonely and frustrated that he couldn't help himself. I was confused but told him I didn't mind and told him I quite liked it and then we joked about doing it again and so we did!!
    We were really naughty, it was much more sexual with him kissing me, his hand up my skirt and caressing me over my panties. I really liked it, I really liked having a man wanting me.
    Since last October I have been visiting Harry and we have been having s** and I have fallen in love with him.

  • You naughty lovely girly, how could anyone be anything but loving toward you, enjoy it my lovely. XX

  • Don't take any notice of the trolls that posted after our two posts they are just ignorant molluscs!!!!
    I am now Harry's naughty girly and he is very sexy, but gentle and kind to me. He has bought me all kinds of ladies wear which he loves to see me put on and I adore it when he caresses me and kisses me, it makes me feel a right little tart.

  • Your 'confession' is much better than mine. I wish I'd started being open about myself when I was young, like you. I'm happy for you....

  • Disgusting. Why can't you inferior effeminate idiots man up and behave as a man should or just keep your sick desires to yourself ?
    If I met you I'd punch your lights out.

  • LOL this made me laugh but I agree buddy.

  • What's "Disgusting" is your attitude towards people who are different from you regardless of how someone lives their life, what they want to wear it or how they want to express their self it shouldn't effect you real men don't treat others so disrespectfully

  • Go f*** yourself you disgusting waste of space and oxygen.
    There is no place on this planet for creatures like you.
    At least keep your sick desires to yourself if you haven't got the decency to admit you are sick and to kill yourself.
    Don't you critisise me for being normal.
    The truth hurts I know but you are one weird excuse for a human being.

  • Hah! A pharasaical twit calling itself 'normal'?!? You're too cowardly to make a confession about your OWN life, yet pretend to be brave with your mindless hatred of people who dare exercise their right to free expression? Worse, you do your cowering in secret - behind the screen. You dare to call yourself normal? As if you're the 'good guy'? Even Jesus said there "is no one who is good. No, not one". In fact, right after the speck and log speech, he says, " Do not judge..." But in your pretence of 'normalcy', you actively disobey that instruction. Inbreeds like yourself have no idea what GOOD is, what NORMAL is, or even what being a free person is. Were there not daring, free people for you congenital weakbrains to hate, your life would be as dull and boring to you as it is to REAL humans. That you advocate for killing is evidence of your innate worthlessness, and proves you're beneath contempt. You're likely a felon, cheat on your 'wife', a thief, and certainly, a liar. It's you who is the 'waste of skin', and unnecessary consumer of oxygen. Someone will take you from the land of the living, eventually, simply because you've demonstrated the need.

  • A righteous man can judge. Not "do not judge" in general. He judged wrongly. When people state facts, their honest opinions without malice, thats their opinion to be respected. It's the gays that argue that their "life"style is normal which is on the contrary. So if a Christian simply said "I don't support that" then leave him or her be. You will never change their opinion if God is in their hearts. They didn't say "I hate f***" so don't judge them.

  • Because we're INFERIOR, idioticus. More so than women, whom you also see as inferior to you. Effeminate because women are the true stronger s**, and the ideal role models for inferiors like me.
    It would give me great pleasure for you to surrender everything for the sake of hatred beyond reason - by raising your hand to me.

  • Weirdo.

  • So....
    Is it congenital, or was it the drugs?

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