My wife & I haven't had s** in over 23 years.

She had problems & had to have a hysterectomy. At the end of the operation, she was sewn up too tightly. We didn't know immediately as the advised us to wait for a good three months before attempting s**. Even using loads of lube the most I can insert into her is my little finger (and I have small hands). Anything more and the pain is such that she almost screams.
She always used to enjoy s**, but now there's no way. i suggested she seek surgical advice, but she said that at our age, it doesn't seem worth it. We're in our seventies, now.
i haven't had an erection for around seventeen years. It's like my p**** doesn't work anymore.
We cuddle & stroke each other often, but I still miss the s**.

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  • I would say it is never too late. There is only one life.

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