M********* spraying sanitizer

I spray the sanitizer on my C*** and masturbates. It gives a hot throbbing


Mar 30

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  • Try gasoline soak your b**** and D ick with it and light it while climaxing!

  • Please!! You must be careful! Sanitizers are usually AT LEAST 60% alcohol by volume, but some are up to NINETY-FIVE PERCENT! Either way, it's not healthy and can do harm to genitalia, which are tender tissue. Find some other means to lubricate!!!

  • ^This^ is true! There are dozens of other, better lubricants, many of which are all-natural. Do NOT use sanitizer. Do NOT use rubbing alcohol. Do NOT use essential oils. You'll wind up wrecking your skin AND your genitals. And you could wind up in hospital.

  • Be careful doing it on your vagonal tissue because it could get irritated and cause an infection. I jerked off with hand sanitizer once and I did like the sentasion though.

  • Good advise. Be super careful!

  • True . . . . . . . . . . . stop using sanitizer completely!

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