I think my son is using my dirty panties?!

My son is 12, I noticed that my panties were slightly wet (in the crotch area) when I went to do the laundry and the discharge was mostly gone. I'm not sure how to go about this as we are close and we never have problems. I'm disappointed.

Mar 30

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  • Once he has started to do this it is possible that he might or might not stop using panties, his discovers are ingrained in to him now.
    He knows how they feel against his skin. He could even end up wearing panties because they feel do soft and slinky on the skin.
    So if he dose do this do not say anything he us going through a alot of thoughts and feelings, and this doesn't make him bad just h****.
    If he,wears panties let him they feel better than others course cotton that men have to wear..

  • FUCKoff crossdresser!

  • To the the person that said
    "FUCKOFF crossdresser "
    I can tell your a man because females do not feel threatened by a crossdressers.
    In fact women rather are interested in crossdressers the reason is that we like the same thing they do so we can relate to them. Which makes us more sympathetic to the the females around us.
    A crossdresser is a 2 Spirit Person and that means we can relate to both sexes and there is nothing wrong with that.
    A 2 Spirit Person in American Indian culture he could be a Chief or a Medicine Man or other high ranking individual.
    In Polynesian culture a crossdresser is not looked down upon, as you are doing now. A crossdresser in the Pacific Islands treated better than your doing now.
    You see it is religion that is the one that looks to put us down because we do not fit into there idea of what perfect world should be or look like.
    But religion does not have all of the answers.

    So go stuff that in a place were the sun does not shine you D H..
    In case you need help a D H = D*** Hea*

  • A crossdresser is someone who wears the opposite genders clothing!
    A person with gender dysphoria it what you are describing d******

  • Your really need to investigate what your talking about.
    I do not have the desire to change s** or anything like that.
    A 2 Spirit Person is really a blend of both and it seams only males get really up set with it.
    I can relate to females and they like it.
    My wife and I are so close that when we say things we say them at the same time, then we laugh. It happens often.
    I'm only in to women not men!!
    We are very close and constantly with each other and never bored. Others just do not understand such a relationship.
    And it had gone on for decades and just grows better ever day.
    We're happy I hope your happy.
    I feel complete hope you are the same..
    It is fun to share jewelry or clothes with my wife or go shopping with her.
    My life is complete, I only need her in it!!
    I hope you do well in your life..

  • You dumbFuck Once again
    A crossdresser is someone who wears the opposite genders clothes!

    A crossdresser wears the opposite genders clothes but does not want to be that gender! They might wear the clothes for se xual reasons right down to comfort reasons. A guy wearing panties because he feels they are more comfortable then mens underwear is a crossdresser! He will continue to live as a man in the same way he did before! Women also crossdress too! Some women love to wear mens boxer shorts to bed at night and guess what? That makes them a crossdresser!
    People wear the opposite genders clothes for all kinds of reasons! That is the definition of a crossdresser!

    A person who feels that they are both genders is considered to be gender neutral! A person that believes that they are the opposite gender is transgender! Thats is called gender dysphoria for both reasons!

    Just because you think that all crossdressers are more sympathetic to women is pure BULLSHIT!
    One more fact neither crossdressing or gender dysphoria has nothing to do with se xual preference! Crossdressing or gender dysphoria does not mean someone is gay!

  • I like this, I'm living it and your trying to tell me about me and what I am or you think I am.
    I'm really happy. It does not sound like your happy, to bad.
    I noticed something, why do ypu need to use. Profanity?
    Is this going to help with your argument?
    What ever you are, I really do not care because you choose not to listen to others with a different point if view from you.
    You really need to open up your mind.
    What guy would want to grow up and be crossdressers?
    It is frowned upon by society because of how it is given a bad or wrong idea.
    It is hard and confusing for a young person growing up and can lead to getting hurt because of others that would rather hit you than trtryy to understand you.
    So when a guy opens up and tells his wife, it is a huge secret that he is lettining her know. And because
    Of it being this way it make the relationship very close and actually makesmakes us a much closer couple than normal. It is such a close relationship that it shows.
    Do you hold hands with your spouse?
    We hold hands all the time and again have done it for decades. We have more fun than most people do ever day.
    And I like how your telling me about me, I'm so glad I came across you, how did get so far in life with out knowing you and your knowledge?
    You go and have a life, I hope it is a good one.
    My life is so much fun and so different from the norm, my wife and I do not lie to each other or to anyone. We pride our selves on being honest with each other and others around us. It is very fulfilling and a wonderful way to live life.
    So go and have a good life and open your mind.
    We are doing just fine and having the best time of our lives.

  • You want wear women's clothes fine! But if you even think you are a little part woman, then you are far more than a crossdresser! You need to see a therapist!
    You wrote you are a 2 Spirit Person remember that? A crossdresser doesn't think like that!

  • This conversation is going no where and I see that you had have not looked up the information. I have looked up the information many times.
    I have been trying to figure this out.
    All I know is I'm very happy and accepted by the people I meet.
    I hope you do on people your mind up a bit more. I tried to explain to you what is going on with me.
    Since then you have said I should have talked to a therapist. Which would change not a thing, you also stated that I'm gender neutral.
    From what I gather there are 32 different classifications of persons that do not fit into the normal person of male female.
    I wish you could find it in you to try to figure out others and the problems they must resolve in there lives.
    I love my life and I am happy with it.
    I wish you a very happy life and all you the best to you.
    If you were as happy as I am, great but I do not think so.
    But i want you to have a good life and be happy as possible.
    Good by....

  • Don't be so stupid !
    The kid is interested in what his mum keeps in her knickers, not the material.
    He'll be trying to see her naked too and exercising his wrist !

  • Shut the FUCKup SickFUCK

  • You have a very limited vocabulary so I will keep this simple.
    Go to your toilet and drink all the water in the bowl. It will not help with your stupidity, but I think it will not hurt you small brain either!!!!!!!!!
    All you say is FU*K, you must know more words than a 5th grader!!!

  • FUCKyou and your pedo story DUDE. SickFUCK!

  • I love to sniff and lick my Mums dirty panties every day.

  • Kill yourself sickFUCK

  • I do the same.
    I'm lucky enough to have been f****** my mum for the last nine years or so.
    I just love my mum's hairy f**** that she just trims a tiny bit at the edges.
    Mum is a petite brunette and her pubes are a darker shade than the hair on her head.
    I'm hard now thinking about my mum's bush.

  • You to Sick incest lover! Just kill yourself!

  • When you think about your son wanking with your panties, pay attention to how it makes your c*** and p**** feel. I bet you'll realize it's making you tingly and wet.

  • FUCKyou incest lover kill yourself

  • Your son clearly likes you. Maybe you could encourage him by cockteasing him a bit.

    Walk around the house in skimpy clothing. Maybe go without a bra or panties and make excuses to bend over in front of him. Suggestively eat phallic foods in front of him.

    Maybe you could even install parental spying software on his computer/phone to see what kind of p***/erotica he's wanking to, so you'd know what turn-ons to appeal to.

    If you notice a b**** in his pants, playfully tease him about it but let him know you know it's natural at his age.

  • Pure BULLSHIT!

  • Don't shame your son for exploring his sexuality. He looks up to and admires his mother as a sexy older woman. Your panties felt amazing wrapped around his big hard d***, and he experienced intense pleasure drenching them with all the pent-up sperm in his hormonal young b****.

  • She should smack him for taking her property!

  • Ah welcome to puberty. Have no fear, this will not be the craziest thing that your son will do during his journey into adulthood! While I was not a panty sniffer myself, many teen boys are, and it is not uncommon for them to use your dirty panties for masturbation.
    You can talk to him about it, but understand what he is going through right now is very confusing to him as well. More than likely he is not fully understanding the things he thinks and does right now either. Personally maybe the best thing to do is to ignore it, this is a phase that he will grow out of in the near future. But if you think this is bad, just wait until he starts peeking on you when you are changing!

  • It is a abnormal thing to do and the parents must teach the child to respect other peoples property idiot!
    FUCKyou ufcaveman

  • I think you realise most teenage boys do this.
    He is fascinated by the female body and your panties are the only thing available to him.
    He no doubt wants to see you naked and probably masturbates imagining you naked.
    Is there a huge age gap between your son 's twelve years and yourself ?
    Would you consider letting him see you naked - it might stop him using your panties and it will solve his curiosity.

  • Most teenage boys do not steal panties and use them sickFUCK! They use the internet a******

  • Maybe you should give him the real thing. Just make sure to tell us what happened.

  • FUCKoff you sickFUCK Kill all incest lovers!

  • Talk solve most problems. mothers can get answers better than the FBI. not confirmed suspicion can ruin relationships and is a disservice to your kido.

  • Send me a picture of your sexy panties with you in them. Jerrybob122@yahoo.com

  • It's not really that uncommon. You may want to talk to him about it, but try not to be disappointed. He is attracted to you and your disgust, as justified as it may be, would hurt him pretty deeply. He probably feels bad about doing it, but not able to control it.

  • IT is uncommon incest lovers!

  • Lots of boys do this .. it normal..

  • H*** no this ain't normal at all.

  • It is abnormal behavior thats called stealing and treating that like you incest lovers would will lead to more stealing!

  • Maybe your panties are too sexy?

  • Put a hamper in your own room and keep the door closed!

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