Children from h***.

I married into a rather large family, before this it was just me and my mom.

My husband's sister is a spoilt brat. She's got 4 kids from different dad's, married/divorced (her marriage paid for her house and she kept it after her divorce.). Her kids are nightmares. They do whatever they want and at family gatherings it's basically a free for all. She doesn't watch them at all, they're everyone else's problem.

One time, I caught her 2 year old picking s*** out of his diaper and the 5 year old playing with it. Her 5 year old actually picked up a ball of s***, laughed and told my 6 year old to smell happened pretty fast (at a family dinner) and I was the only one to see this. I flipped. Her kids are mongoloids, even being around them just puts a chip on my shoulder.

Her kids will spend weeks at a time at papa and grandma's house but it's very seldom that my son gets to do that.

Maybe it's because I literally had no family before becoming part of a huge one, but I just really can't stand my sister in law. She means we'll, sure. But she's a spoilt brat who gets everything she wants. She doesn't even have to work and that bothers me too. I have a hard time not comparing our lives. I hate it.

Mar 31, 2021

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  • Get a belt and whip their a****, if the parents protest beat hem too.

  • It's not fake unfortunately. That's why I searched the internet for a place to vent about this you idiot.

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