Children from h***.

I married into a rather large family, before this it was just me and my mom.

My husband's sister is a spoilt brat. She's got 4 kids from different dad's, married/divorced (her marriage paid for her house and she kept it after her divorce.). Her kids are nightmares. They do whatever they want and at family gatherings it's basically a free for all. She doesn't watch them at all, they're everyone else's problem.

One time, I caught her 2 year old picking s*** out of his diaper and the 5 year old playing with it. Her 5 year old actually picked up a ball of s***, laughed and told my 6 year old to smell happened pretty fast (at a family dinner) and I was the only one to see this. I flipped. Her kids are mongoloids, even being around them just puts a chip on my shoulder.

Her kids will spend weeks at a time at papa and grandma's house but it's very seldom that my son gets to do that.

Maybe it's because I literally had no family before becoming part of a huge one, but I just really can't stand my sister in law. She means we'll, sure. But she's a spoilt brat who gets everything she wants. She doesn't even have to work and that bothers me too. I have a hard time not comparing our lives. I hate it.

Mar 31

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  • It's not fake unfortunately. That's why I searched the internet for a place to vent about this you idiot.

  • If she isn't going to discipline her animals, then you should feel free to do it, holding them to the same standards you expect from your children. You should also feel free to use corporal punishment (spanking, meal deprivation, etc.), on them if you use it on yours. Somebody has to teach them the rules if she's not gonna do it. All these kids -- hers and yours -- are really lucky to have you in their lives. Try to separate them from her as often as possible. Thank you for CARING!

  • Tell your husband if you can-avoid her if you can-avoid her kids if you can. if nothing works-call it quit. there is a highway next to you.

  • Must be highway 69

  • Good suggestion. Make sure you tell hubby about the s*** incident.

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