My Neighbor's a hotty and I don't know what to do.

I have a pretty hot neighbor. He's out in the yard, working shirtless sometimes. I can see that he's well toned. We chat now and then, our kids play together. Very friendly but not outright flirty. So, I was out on the driveway minding the kids, and I'd had a sore lower back so I was rubbing it. He was also out side and came over to talk. The subject of my sore back came up and he said he was great with that sort of thing, and he was willing to crack it for me. he had me cross my arms in front of me, and lean back onto him, picking me up. At the time I was wearing some leggings without panties on underneath, so there was not a lot of material between my booty and his shorts. Anyways, I felt like my butt was resting on a lump so I wiggled it around, looking for better purchase. As it settled in my crack I realized what I'm sure you all did too, It was his p****. it had been kinda hard and my wiggling made it very hard. So he must have felt what was going on, I think he took some extra time and lifted me up and down while his c*** got to enjoy my crack. the adjustment actually did seem to help and I turned around and thanked him, we kept chatting but he seemed nervous. I took some glances at his crotch and confirmed it was a b****. I noticed that he was looking at my body a lot less than he normally did during our conversations. (this makes me think he was trying not to be turned on)

So this morning, I was done with a shower, and I looked out my bedroom window and noticed he was noticing me from his house. I felt naughty and pretended not to see him, and slowly lotioned up my body. If he was looking, he got a h*** of a show. It was so exciting. Even though we are both married, I think there is a physical attraction present.

So... I kinda want to jump my neighbors bones. I'm contemplating ways to see how interested he is too.

Apr 1, 2021

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