I saw my mom get raped and I liked every second of it

I love my mom so much, but for some reason seeing her get raped turned me on so much. It was a family friend. My dad's best friend to be exact. He has been in love with my mom ever since he met her. Our family friend is also married, but it was arranged just like my parents. He was jealous of my dad. Whenever he saw my mom he would constantly hit on her and flirt with her. Well when I was 15 I come back home from my friends house and I saw my mom on the couch getting f***** out of her mind by my dad's friend. My mom rarely drinks and she was a light weight. They drank a lot, and watching her get f*****.. I knew she was not aware of what was going on. My dad's friend is fat, annoying, and a smartass. My mom never liked him. Well that man was f****** her brains out, and I liked every second of it. I let it happened. It went on for hours even when I came.
That is my confession. Kik departmentgoodz for more information

Apr 2, 2021

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  • Same thing happened with me I think I was around that age as well 14 or 15. I got back from grocery shopping with my mom and went to my room then I heard a crash and commotion I peeked out into the kitchen to see our neighbor, a younger bigger guy who had over the years made several crude comments about my mom's body, had her wrists pinned to the floor with one hand on her mouth, the floor coverd with the groceries strewn about, He had her skirt up around her waist and her underwear was laying on the floor.
    It only lasted about a minute or so pumped a few times and called her a s*** and a w**** before he finished, stood up told her to keep her mouth shut, buckled his pants and left.
    I stayed there hidden feeling guilty that I hadn't done anything but he was such a big guy I wouldn't have been able to my mom finally got up put her underwear back on and stood up brushing herself off. I walked into the kitchen and asked if she was OK and she told me she had slipped and dropped the groceries and ask me to help her clean it up.
    To my knowledge she never told anybody what happened.

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