When I was a freshman in university, I was like anyone, desperate to make friends as soon as possible in a new city. I ended up getting along with this girl i sat next to who had another 2 roommates she introduced me to and the 4 of us became a good group of friends. 1 of them was really pretty. Few times a week I would get invited over to their place to watch a movie or have dinner and end up sleeping on the couch. The next mornings, 2 of the roommates would leave early for their class, and when I heard the door close, my wood would spring up. Because I knew who was left. I would tip toe into her bedroom and see her deep in sleep and just oggle at her ass while rubbing myself. A few feet away from her bed was the bathroom where the hamper was. In it, I fished out a pair of black satin panties adlnd gave it a huge whiff. It was incredible. They were the softest I ever held. I wrapped them around my wood and masturbated just feet away from her sleeping face. I came in the tub in a matter of seconds.

Apr 2

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