step daughters sexy feet

I'm not a foot fetish kind of guy, but something about my stepdaughters feet really turns me on!! Especially when she wears sandals or flip flops. When im home alone I go to her room and smell and lick her sandals mmmm (I'm getting aroused as I confess this) I love licking the part of the sandal where her foot goes! I often joke with her about her feet in a flirtatious way, when I'm laying on the floor watching TV she'll be sitting on the couch and put her foot on my forehead or rub her toes on my cheek and puts her big toe close to my lips as she jokingly tells me to kiss her toes and feet! Only if she knew how bad I want to suck on her toes and kiss and lick her feet.
It is so tempting and I have come really close to grabbing her big toe with my mouth and sucking her big toe like a nipple mmmmmm, I know that one of these days I'm going to grab her toes with my lips and put it in my mouth and gently start sucking it! I wonder what she would say or how she would react? I think I'll start off by asking her if she would like me to paint her toe nails? This way I can slowly start touching her feet with a little touch here and a little touch there as I get her comfortable with my hands on her feet, after that I'll get her foot and rest it on my cheek and give a little kiss once in a while as I work up to more kisses then I'll give her foot a little lick every now and then to she how she reacts as I slowly get her toes closer to my lips opening my mouth a little more each time until I got her toe in my mouth.
Then I can start working my mouth and tongue up to her ankle as my hands slowly caress her calf going a little farther working up to her thigh. Feeling more leg everyday, as I caress my way up to her navel inching my hands up to her chest as I slowly rest my hands on her b******, as I gently pull her down to me as I slowly begin kissing her neck up to her lips.
And you know what happens next.

Apr 3, 2021

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  • Mmm how old is she.

  • I love a girls feet! Do it. I've found they like it too although some may pretend it's creepy. She will love it! Sounds like she is already there. Usually when they are younger they aren't put off by it.
    Yes them if you kids her ankles while sucking her toes, and move on up until your drinking in her p***y...mmm you may even f**k her then!

  • Damn dude you just need my f****** c*** rock f****** hard and I don't like feet at all but that thing about getting in your daughter's f****** yum yum I f****** if you do do it can you at least maybe tape it so I can watch it cuz I can't have kids so I got no daughters to f*** well I actually do have one daughter but that's a long story

  • Forget all the posts moaning about incest and just explain what is the attraction with dirty smelly feet ?
    I don't understand.

  • That won't stop him he's so desperate for someone to chat to him,he's been doing it since he got a bad reaction for posting he wanted to f*** his young student and now he calls everyone sick.

  • Just do it you know your going to. If you don't you wil! Never know. If you do let us know what happens.

  • How old is your step daughter.

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