Late 50's married man cd sucked c*** at AB store

I am a married man that my wife does not know I love c*** or I am a crossdresser. Last weekend I dressed with my sexiest panties, bra and stockings. I was wearing a nice top and woman's jeans. I went to an adult book store theater and over two hours there sucked a number of c**** and was f***** 3 times and loved it all. I so want to tell her I am gay ad want to dress as a female 24/7. I would love to have a BBC dom control me

Apr 6, 2021

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  • Just start hormones without telling her, by the time she notices the changes you will be on your way and she can't stop it.

  • Die you q**** b astard. You are an embarrassment to normal blokes.

  • I miss gloryholes. Haven't seen one for more than 30 years..

  • They still have adult bookstore theaters? I haven't seen one of those since the country went crazy overboard about 25 years ago and banned any and everything that was remotely immoral, indecent and not politically correct.
    But..then I live in a part of the country that has more churches than Texas and Florida has nail salons.
    So..happy days for you.

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