Big F**** to that F****** F***

Ok so in my opinion to start off I don’t think it’s possible for a guy and girl to be best friends without one of them having feelings for the other. There’s just no f****** way. Unless the guy is gay or the girl is gay. When I met my girl, she had a guy best friend. My friends knew who he was before I even mentioned his name to them because they’ve worked with him and my girl at one point. They warned me that he was obsessed with her. I figured he probably just had a huge crush on her. I mean she’s f****** gorgeous but as long as he didn’t cross line. First impression of him was he’s rude and all into her. I let him into my home to meet him and he didn’t give no eye contact and didn’t bother talking to me. If he did it was something smart where I felt like popping him in his f****** mouth. Like you’re going to come to my home and be rude like who the f*** you think you are. Then he waited outside and wanted her to wait with him for a taxi. Who the f*** does that. Well that didn’t last. The same day I met him he ended up f****** up that chance by doing something later that day to her. Let’s just say he beyond crossed the f****** line. Well He cried like a little b**** and apologized to her. She forgave him but because she still saw him as a friend despite what he did. Sorry not sorry, the f***** had to go. I don’t play that s***. I clearly told her I didn’t want her being friends with him. She cut him off but I can tell she, not all the way but resents me a little for it because that was her only friend. Am I missing something? Like it’s already been 2 years and you’re still bringing this f**** name up. Now we’re on a break and she says I can’t ask her who she’s talking to on fb. She still wants to be with me, we’re just working through issues but something is telling me she’s talking to other people such as him and one of her exes. Would I be wrong to ask like we’re still living together and I’m not going to stay here looking like a dumbass if she’s over here f****** rekindling relationships and s***! But could it also be in my head?

Apr 8, 2021

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  • You're one helluva guy

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