My wife bring group f*****

I'm not sure if it's embarrassing but I'd like to f*** my wife with another man or two, just to let her explore sexuality more .I had broad sexual experiences growing up and I'm told she didn't , I told her she could have a threesome with me and another man for her birthday and she thought I was weird . I explained I wanted her to have fun and enjoy it and there's not hassle to return the favour to me .
She thought I was wanting to treat her like a piece of meat. It I just want her to take her s** to the highest level she can to give her the best times.
Oh well .
Thanks for reading

Apr 8, 2021

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  • We have a very close group of friends - 3 couples, aged 40 to 60, and two young guys in their early 30s. We have house party on most weekend nights by rotation and we do role play, s** play etc since last10 years. My wife was hesitant to join at the initial stage but gradually got interested. And now she joins the one-hour play in a dark room, feeling, fondling random men and women - ultimately taking off clothes. If one feels she/he can take a partner to the adjacent room to have s** for the rest of the night. In my place I have made a small cubicle where one can enjoy the charm of glory hole. The two young unmarried men are really good p**** eaters and in great demand among women in our group.

  • Do whatever that makes you both happy.
    Don't care about the world.
    You have only one life to live.

  • And a eternity to answer for what you did with it .

  • Don't ask set it up. You need to let her experience it and not get hung up on the mental part.

  • I have been married three time, the first ended in divorce, the 2nd in her death in an accident, the third one is still fine. I shared all three of them and enjoyed every minute of it. Life is too short to be hung up on so called morals. S** is just plain fun.

  • S** is fun god will hold us all accountable for our deeds .( Morals)

  • My wife took quite a bid of convincing. After a while I invited my old college roommate, who I knew she was attracted to, over and after dinner she let her inhibitions down after a bottle of wine. I got her to sit on the couch beside me and had my roommate sit on the other side. I kissed her and pulled her shirt over her head. Since she didn't have a bra on her b****** were now out. I kissed her nipple and my roommate kissed the other one. At this point she was sold on the idea and we went into the bedroom where we undressed and laid on the bed with him to her front and me at her back. I moved away and turned her onto her back and told my roommate to have s** with her. He got between her legs and pushed himself into her. I kissed her as he f***** her until he came inside her. Then I got on her and quickly came.

  • And then you raised your friends baby and she banged your friend behind your back for years . And cut you off .

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