Transforming to S******

The urge to be a tranny s****** s*** is too much. Its time i admitted to myself that Im a full blown tranny f***** and i want to be a s*** for dominant fit hung men esp leather and latex loving men. I just dont want to f*** women anymore unless its to please a guy or make money and Im turned on by make up and nails and wigs and eyelashes and dressing up as a woman. Sucking c*** and being f*****. I want to more drugs and start escorting and p***. No f**** given anymore.

I just am not bothered by what anyone thinks of my new desire. Its gonna be a shock for them all i know. Im nearly 38! But look much younger esp when dressed. My old friends and family will never understand but I dont mind because Im now Aisha and Aisha is a strong sexy kinky shameless tgirl and I know Im going to be very popular with fetish guys and girls

I love make up, womens clothes, f****** guys, and rhe bad girls life. I cant wait to hace t*** and get into p***. Im going to be making some very hardcore f***** up s***

Inagine if my old friends saw me as a bimbo, sucking c*** on film and f****** in public. Tranformed into a s****** f****** hotty.

And the thought of being a daughter to a leather master and then a mum to hot stud is MY ULTIMATE GOAL.

I literally am nothing but a bimbo s*** and I ACTUALLY JUST BOUGHT SOME FAKE T***.

Im going to save this the drugs till monday or tuesday and then have some fun!

You know what the best part of all this is? I spent my life fantasying about bad women and im a good looking guy and hung but slim and it was one very doninant stunning girl who friendzoned me almost two years before, I realised through our convos when she talked about men, I was never going to be able to f*** her, I was using already expensive escorts for years up till then. When I found out that she was actually a mistress and a very popular one, I ordered a custom video of her basically humiliating a good friend and cuckolding and feminising him.

That resparked my cross dressing and along with meth and some bimbo hypno i forced myself to listen too for months, and this time I did the one thing I knew i had avoided doing when I was younger and that was a***. I got my a*** trained by some mistresses and then I finally got f***** by one of their male very fetish hung smooth built tattoed leather man who is now my master and unlike when I was a guy, as Aisha, I know im so lush and cute that my confidence is through the roof and ive trapped two straight guys already in the last week.

Im going to enjoy the next chapter of my life

Apr 18, 2021

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