S** trafficking is a sin against god!

S** tafficking is real. I was human trafficked for s** to make money for these indian dutch scotish and arab factions. These gangs work in conjunction with police in qld and get women housewives to mascrade as therapists from home and have s** with male and female clients and basically are paid to s**** in their heads to have them under a trauma based mind control. they often bring in amateur filming groups and music groups as well to wipe out the person into a confusion stage and plan rapes on virgins. well this is what happened to me, the dutch therapist would was mixed up with the arab indain lot was a handler but her higher up cheif handler was uk and other elite titled people and they target you for the most minor of things from childhood. I suspect they are literally watching and programming victims from childhood to be raped. there is some thing with the virgin blood and child bood that these people l*** after. and they find fake military people imposters to rape women and then what I found out was the have it so well set up that they are like the scorpion that stings the victim from behind and I want them to go sting themselves literally.

the scotish euro sub group where with the dutch s*** got raped me and his wife has been spending a good part of 10 or more years now leeching me dry of love or money and work.

she comes from behind as the poor long suffering wife who was tormented by the girl who accused her beloved as a rapist. but she is the one who helps t- up the rapes. while he rapes virgin girls and women she rapes virgin men and then they claim damages later on suggesting you are false accusing them and they have suffered.

well how can a guilain maxwell type of woman suffer as much as the virgin who has been raped, left alone for agees and had career and all societal connections stolen, all goals, hobbies and values stolen to his mrs s*** rape planner ? while she plans rapes for her little man
they tape these rapes on video or they are watched real time on black net for cash and that is how they make their money and this wife gets into every victims life a few years down the track and stripes them. its another form of asset stripping a human trafficked victim further down the track most victims feel so embarrassed and ashamed to have fallen for this.

the band gets what they want as well. songs and rapes and money and they often choose girls they see as rich but some are really not as rich as these people want so they have to find ways to make money out of them via black mail or threats and even revenge deep fake p***.

the list goes on.

most times the women are left alone penniless and man and childless and living in hovel home wrecks or dumps or worse so these bands can feel they sang their get rich fast songs about "how poor we men are but gayship lasts for ever among us men" and its perverted.

these men are just perps. I wish every girl would wake up and see what these men are for themselves and stop ever falling for it because god is your power. god is the only way. and we want to nail these evil people

we know one is planning a 1980s theme party in november and she is a guilan maxwell with her fetish sick rapist perp hubby and her hornbag friends are sick . we want to break into this group and cut them down.

I just want to protect as many young women and even maybe straight or gay young men from this.

these evil groups have cost me my life. they stole from me so secretly and someone else has to know. there has to be other victims of these bands and this officers mess b**** therapist!

I just want to say to that 1980s wife s***
if you don't stop abusing and bullying me I will call the police on you. you don't have a birthday til another few months away. you are not THE MISS 1980s queen only queen of s**** and fakes. you write the same thing over and over like a autistic r***** and its bullying. and I mean it elle stop abusing me and stop stalking me. you been doing this for too long and just want to know if your problem is you can't stand that you got found out as a scam and fraud while you wait in your uber epileptic trusty car for some new c*** and ball story to spill and you might get more then you bargained for. stop abusing me you sick bitter twisted human trafficking s** trafficking virgin rape scam club. you set up virgins for your hubby to rape and then you cry wolf later on after you have stalked and tortured them for decades and you belong in a jail cell. no party for you s***! stop abusing me. I have already reported you as part of a s** trafficking gang who get virgins raped on video for money handouts to your helpers. its really not looking good for you. you better run , you and your uber fitting freak because the last time I read the law fitting people can't be drivers and the last time I looked s** trafficking and stalking was a crime all over the world. you 2 are the same as Jefferey Epstein.  you stop stalking me or else you will be reported again. you have a serious autism and mental instability and criminal behaviour and you will harm women again in the same way. so stop faking it you have so many victims. and you steal their money and men and futures as some shocking lie of your retribution when you are the one who sets up the rapes on virgins and you cry pity and steal later like a coward on steroids. run hon , run!

we are not going to stop. we are just as important as grace tame and britteny higgins and we want this abuse to be found out and stopped.

the victims are out there and its got to stop!
rape is a crime, excluding women from society and a voice is a crime. its called human trafficking. pitting women to bid against themselves is a crime and you know who you are and you must be stopped.

Apr 20, 2021

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