Recently Reminisced With My Twin Sister About Childhood Spankings

My twin sister and me grew up and in a very conservative, religious area of the South during a time several decades ago when it was very common for parents to give bare bottom spankings to their kids when their children’s’ behavior went outside the boundaries they’d set, so growing up and into early adulthood several decades ago as a mischievous brother and sister pair we got plenty of spankings, not only because it was so widespread among the community that it was almost universal, but also because our parents were evangelical Christians who didn’t believe in sparing the rod. The spankings we received were not only bare bottomed but bare bodied, too. (I should probably add that my dad was the parent who delivered them to me, and my mom the one who gave them to my sister).

And so when we misbehaved, we used to have to go down in our basement directly into the laundry room (so that the sound of a bare butt getting spanked and the scolding and the pleading and the crying that accompanied it didn’t disturb whoever was upstairs), in order to get stripped naked, lectured, and to get (most of the time) a handspanking, or, on much rarer occasions, when we were really in trouble, a paddling, both delivered while we were lying over their lap as they sat on a chair. (It was a finished basement, so it wasn’t like they were taking us down to a dimly lit storage space).

My dad had a routine that he always followed from that point on until my last spanking, a week before I graduated from high school.I guess this to let me know that no matter how grown I thought that I was getting, I was still under his authority, and not too old for a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. He would pull another chair out across from him and tell me to sit down. Then he’d talk with me and point out how my misbehavior needed to be corrected, because whatever it was that I did to break the rules wasn’t acceptable, and that he was going to have to teach me a lesson. He was really brief when he spoke. He’d say “Stand up.” I got up and then he did, pulling my chair away to the side. He’d say “Shirt off.” and then pull my shirt up over my head and off, and toss it away from him. He’d sit back down on the bed and grab the waistband of my pants, pull me toward him, stop me close enough to him so that he all he had to do was barely extend his arms and say “Stand over here. “ He’d unbutton and unzip my pants and pull them all the way down to my ankles, then say “Step out of those.” and once I did, throw them to the side too Then he’d say “Underwear off.” and pull them all the way down and off of me, then he’d throw them to the side. And then he would look me up and down, grab onto my wrist and say “Over my knee.” which since he was sitting on the bed, actually meant over his lap with my upper body resting over the rest of the bed beyond where he sat. He would give me one hard swat with his hand, rest it on my bare butt for a few seconds while saying “When are you going to learn to....” and then say the behavior that I was supposed to do, but didn’t. Then the spanking would begin.

Both our mom and dad were (and still are) taller than my sister and me, powerfully built from outdoor labor growing up, and had pretty large hands. And so their handspankings were always delivered with a level of intensity that was very hard and very, very thorough, enough to always leave us crying afterward, but not to the point where we were sobbing uncontrollably. Both of us received our last spankings when we were 18 1/2, , and by that point when we got a handspanking, we would get 90 swats, and were literally OTK for very close to a minute. It would take us awhile to be able to sit down without feeling a throbbing sensation, and we had to situate our bottoms in whatever we were sitting on or in kind of gingerly until it diminished. If I moved around on my dad’s lap, which I often did, he’d say, “Be still!”, and if I couldn’t, he’d lock one of his legs around both of mine.

But it was getting a paddling we that we both really dreaded. On those rare occasions that we did get paddled, the type of paddle our parents used was one that had a wide, thin, rectangular striking surface that landed with what sounded like a meaty slap that was very localized and left a very sharp burning sting. And there were two paddles . One had my name on it, and was used by my dad on me, and the other had my sister’s name on it, and was used on her by my mom. Both paddles had a little hole drilled in the bottom with a tiny thong loop threading through it, and they hung on pegs attached to the side of the refrigerator by magnets with our names front and center for anyone to see. We got the same number of swats as a handspanking. And although the level of intensity at the beginning of each paddling was maybe about half of that of a handspanking, my parents were still making firm contact with each swat, and as our bare a**** quickly became acclimated to that level of contact they’d ratchet up the forcefulness pretty quickly until the last part of the spanking went well beyond tolerable (though not unbearable; we never had a mark, bruise, or welt on us afterward). And you just didn’t sit down the rest of the day once the paddling was finished, because your ass was sore as h***, very tender, very sensitive to any sort of pressure or contact, very, very red, and throbbing continuously for a long time afterward, even more so then when we got swatted by their big hard hands, and we would just be sobbing well before the spanking was finished. We ate more than a few dinners standing up at the counter. If it was right before bedtime we would put our robes back once the spanking was finished and we’d gotten ourselves together, then take them off and get right into bed naked once we got to our rooms where we’d fall asleep on our tummies on top of the covers, because you didn’t want anything to come into contact with your bare ass after it had been burnt up like that. having to be nude for a spanking definitely made me and my sister think more than twice about our behavior, that’s for sure!

Apr 20, 2021

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  • Saw this same confession on another site. The story is at least consistent across both of them. Either this guy has a really good memory and recall of detail and expresses himself very well, or this is a great piece of creative writing . I’m not actually sure which one it is, to be honest.

  • By the time of the New Testament, however, incest was strictly forbidden. John the Baptist condemned the marriage of Herod Antipas to his brother Philip's wife (Mark 6:17), an act that was clearly a sin (Leviticus 18:16, 20:21). The apostle Paul had to grudgingly deal with a case of incest occurring in the church at Corinth. The church had a member who was having s** with his stepmother while his father was still alive (1Corinthians 5)!

God's law enumerated differing penalties for those found committing incest. They included exclusion from the covenant people (Leviticus 18:29, 20:17 - 18), childlessness (Leviticus 20:20 - 21) or even death (Leviticus 20:11 - 12, 14). The reason why he forbids this behavior (other than he says so) is that those who practice it defile and destroy themselves through it (Leviticus 18:24 - 25, 27).

In conclusion, the Bible not only does not approve of incest, it also forbids we have s** with anyone (even if they are not closely related to us) outside the union of marriage. In fact, according to Jesus, even l****** after someone (before any physical act can take place) is considered a sin (Matthew 5:28)!!

  • I and as far as I know most of my friends got spankings but not one ever mentioned nude. Some said they got it over pants, underpants or had to change into think cotton pajamas but not person ever mentioned nude. I think this nude s*** is made up fantasy.

  • It’s pretty unheard of in this day and age It was probably uncommon back then. However, I’m probably close to this guy’s age, and over the course of the past 35 years have worked with 3 people who were spanked this way, with all of them growing up in the South, so I’m not calling complete bull**** on it. But that’s 3 people probably out of the 3,000 or so people I’ve been employed with. Any parent trying this nowadays would rightly get a visit from Child Protective Services

  • Me and my sister are twins.Our parents started spanking us when we were 13 and getting into trouble.Our spankings were done a little differently. When we were 12,we both made our First Communions and per the parish dress code had to wear a poofy,knee length,short sleeve communion dress and veil with lace socks and white shoes and a white tee shirt with toddler extra large size plastic pants under our dresses.We both didnt like having to wear the plastic pants as they fit us tight and left a red ring around our leg joints from the elastic leg openings!When we were 13,i was the first one to get into trouble and get a spanking.That saturday morning,mom took the two pair of our first communion plastic pants out of the box that had our outfits in it.I was ordered to take off my jeans and panties and put the plastic pants on! I protested,but it didnt do any good! Sis watched as i had to lay over dads lap and he spanked me several times! The plastic pants made the pain worse as they fit tight and constricted the blood vessels in my butt cheeks! After the spanking i was crying and very sore! To further my punishment,i had to wear the plastic pants as my panties the rest of the week end! Three months later,sis got into trouble and had to put on her plastic pants and get spanked like i was! From then on,up untill we were 17,we were spanked with the plastic pants on and had to wear them afterwards for the weekend!

  • My brother and I are both in our mid-40s. We had s** during our 20s but stopped soon after she got married. She is now divorced and we resume our s** acts. They are much better now than those in our younger age. She tells me that her hubby used to slap her butt as part of foreplay and spanked her ass cheeks while f****** her doggie position. I got her point - I now f*** her doggie and slap her ass cheeks as I drive my c*** into her p**** - with every deep thrust I slap the cheeks - the intensity grows as she is nearing her climax. The pink shades on her ass cheeks is too erotic for me to o***** hard. Most often we come together with my hard slap on her ass ... to end with my dumping my loads. Love it!!

  • So you got spanked bare bottomed and paddled! What about it! You are grown up now do you know right from wrong? Are you and your sister good people, no police records behaving as adults now?

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