I remember when i was in grade 5 and a girl i knew would show off her panties and they looked great.
One day at her place we went up to her tree house it was a hot day and we were both in shorts.
She wanted to show me her new panties and she asked if i wanted to see them, of cause i said yes so she pulled down her shorts and there they were a nice pair of pink panties.
Then she said she wanted to see mine so i pulled down my shorts and showed her my mighty whities.
She said wouldent it be fun to swap undies ??? ,
So we did and they felt great.
When i was older mum and dad would go out and i would go and try on my sisters panties , mmmmm, didnt take long to get a hardon.
Now 63 and still love panties and have bought a lot of them and love to wear them all day.

Apr 23, 2021

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  • Boxer shorts do not make a woman gay, ok, so stop thinking panties make a man gay some of you, for Pete's sake.....smh.

  • Another thing, not all panties are girlie either, some look unisex. Not all panties fit my junk, but many do. I own some men's panties, cheap quality from China. Men's panties can be 25 $ each!! A 3 pack of Vanity Fair 18$So for about 75 $ I get 3 men's or 12 women's?? Hmmn?

  • Women think that it is perfectly fine to wear men' shirts, socks, underwear even pants. Let I guy they know be found in panties? oh oh f** f** gay...gimme' a break. It's just underwear. Men wore silk stockings and leggins freaking what?

  • Guys are asking about wearing panties all the time on Quora...Qoura=panty land.

  • When it comes right down to it panties are underwear that appeal to some guys. Many care not to look female or go farther. Not a crossdresser, just enjoy the comfort of women's underwear. What was naughty becoming kinky became a habit based upon great underwear> panties, men's underwear sucks. Women wear men's clothes, and no one wife has worn my underwear? I have my own panties and I try hers on she's bigger now....

  • It was 107 today, 106 tomorrow......glad for my thin panties!!!!

  • I ordered 4 more panties today...why? I am not going to be without.

  • Boys and men are always asking on Quora and other places is it okay to wear panties? Well do they fit? Are they underwear? Wearing all women's clothes is wrong, panties? nah

  • Watching TV in my favorite panties ha ha

  • Guys are buying up panties, prices and supplies....??

  • Wearing beige VF 100% nylon panties with black knee highs sitting here. what? it's basically socks and underwear..isn't it??

  • Sir those are women's panties! Yes I know, that's why I am buying them!!!

  • I wore my panties to bed like I do, put knee highs on. Got hard and jerked my d*** into other panties...oh. Panties are fun!

  • I put on my wife's cotton?, panties I must have been bored..LOL, not bad but I love nylon.

  • I got 6 new panties and 8 knee highs today. Panties are my underwear not men's crap!

  • Some of you will try panties...

  • I look at the pictures of panties and want to have them. So many nice panties that I would wear. More guys are doing it
    With girlfriend or wife liking it

  • I enjoy panty shopping online, so easy to get them.

  • I just showered and put fresh Shadowline 100% nylon hipster panties on, life is good!

  • These panties fit great so I wear 5 inch d*** fits good

  • I woke up in my Vanity Fair nylon panties with a nice erection..

  • Kitty....what men want

  • The only way to stop thinking about p**** is to get some p****,

  • The only way to not think about panties is to wear panties.

  • I am enjoying my panties right now. and you are not. Many of you guys want too.

  • I guy said he felt girlie wearing panties on another site. I wear them and feel better and not girlie. We are not supposed to wear them>taboo, but we do. It's underwear (under your pants wear. ) Wear a dress? S**** that!! Now that is girlie. A bra? for what reason. A nightie? no that's women's clothing. There is a difference. How many panties do you think were bought online this week? Okay and bought by guys? So I wear panties and do not feel girlie I feel better.

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