I have a secret online bf and whole ass friend group that my parents don't know about, I hate my parents and can't wait to move in with him <333

Apr 26

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  • And your online BF and group of friends can't wait to get their hands on you either.
    They will make a tv show about your death in about ten years and we will watch it and wonder how stupid you where to believe in online BF and friends!

  • I know it's really him he's proved he is his real self many many times we are both 14, we've never said or done anything sexual, it's a nice wholesome relationship. I've dealt with pedos on the internet before, I know g****** well he's not one. Voice messages, I've asked him to send photos of him doing certain things (not sexual or anything), and I know so much about him

  • You're making a big mistake. You've got two sides to this: If you're both 14, you won't be able to move in together for at least another 4 years. Good luck keeping a secret like that for that long.

    If he's lying to you and you're being gullible, then you'll go to move in with him, and we will never hear from you again. People are getting creative these days, even using other kids to get more.

    Online relationships aren't worth the risks. Trust me, as a person who was sexually abused because I thought I knew better.

  • Thankful for being worried, we did end up breaking up sadly bc I can't fully commit myself to a hidden relationship, we are still close friends though. He has sent me pictures of me asking for him to do specific things, for example once I asked for him to send a picture of him close up near his forehead pointing to it, at that angle, in that part of his room I recognised, and those where definitely his hands, I've heard his voice too, and sm more, it's defo him. Again thank you for being worried and messaging, your a very good person for doing that <3

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