L*** for aunts huge ass and I think she knows

We have always toyed the line of playful affection and full on groping. She’s around 5’6” and she’s kinda stacked but her b****** aren’t large and her stomach is big. Her lower half however is very thick and plump, she has a big massive shelf butt, shaped like an overly round apple that sticks out of her frame. It is a big talking point for her and she loves to wear tight pants or leggings. She loves when you compliment her on her big ass. Everyone in the family jokes about it.

I have always had a thing for her butt and would try to sneak my hand on it, many times just straight up grabbing and slapping it. I have lusted for her and her big ass for many years and I feel like she’s always known that I want to do more than feel and play with her ass but has never said anything to me. Never scolded me or stopped me even when I got real frisky sometimes. She would carry out a whole conversation with me behind her recording her butt but would just act normal or act like she didn’t notice. I can tell she knows what’s going on because she sometimes smiles, laughs when I mention her butt and would glance at my crotch often especially when I’d get hard. I’ve always struggled with how much does she actually know, how much is she letting on and does she like this? Does she ever think about going further? I don’t know what to do, should I be open with her or try to take it further? It bothers me because I think about her big ass very often and anytime I’m around her I get hard. This has been going on for almost 8 years now, I just want to know if she’s just getting off on the fact that she has a young man fiending over her or she actually wants something

May 1, 2021

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  • "Toyed" the line? Illiterate loser. If you want attention, set yourself on fire. That's the only way you'll be interesting

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