Incest and People

There are so many guys here saying that all incest posts are fake. That all pedo posts are fake, all written by some old loser guy wanting to fantasize. But older men taking advantage of younger women is a REAL THING. I confess to having done stuff with my uncle! after I came on TO HIM but what we did was gradual and mutual. We had a relationship. It was complicated. It ended.

That's a real thing that happens in the real world. Ok yes there are bozos who write total fantasy p**** " daddy kissed my trembling l****" LOL so dumb. But for people who want or need a real-world place to confess something you make this an unsafe place. I've never told anyone about me and my uncle; other than I've approached what we did, with him, my therapist, and we're moving on. Yelling eff you this and eff you that and all that Burger King makes you look ridiculous.

May 2, 2021

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  • Your father must be very proud of you.

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