Mom's panties

When I was about 12 I started stealing my mom's bodice and tights from the laundry basket and f****** them and cumin on them. I started to realise she knew when I was laying on the floor and she would stand over me and show me her orange knickers, I could see the she shape of her c*** and her bare legs. At night I'd go to the laundry basket and on top we're here orange panties with white stains and could smell her scent. I would get a real h****** when i smelled them and I would w*** until I came. In the morning she would ask what my favourite colour was and it didn't take long until I realised whatever colour I said she would leave a soiled pair of her panties of that colour on top of the dirty laundry for me to sniff suck and taste. I knew she was a h**** woman coz when dad was at work my uncle my mum's sisters husband used to come round and f*** her in the kitchen and I used to listen through the door and I could hear them moaning and groaning and mom made the strangest whimpering noise when she came. I left home when I got married but met an older woman and left my wife for an older woman and mom phoned me and asked if I was looking for a mother figure. I went round to see her and dad was there but I told him to leave coz I wanted to talk to mom he went out and I asked her to go to bed with me I was 25 and she 47. She held me and kissed me passionately my c*** was so hard and we stood up ready to go to bed she could feel me pressing against her I held her a*** and touched her t*** and she rubbed my c*** and we kissed with tongues but dad must have realised something wasn't right and he came back in and saw us holding each other but mom was quick and said I was upset about my break up. I turned away and left. But the next day I went home when dad was at work and me and mom had the most passionate day anybody could have. I have tasted every part of her and I can tell you we never done it again but no woman has ever compared her.

May 2, 2021

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